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How we Generated 11,789 Leads with Facebook Ads for a CBD Business

How we Generated 11,789 Leads with Facebook Ads for a CBD Business

About the Client

SJCBD offers a wide range of CBD-infused hemp products. Their items include higher levels of CBD and CBGa without the use of any THC.

The Problem

The client had established multiple landing pages and funnels but they were unable to drive any traffic to them. As a result, they weren’t meeting their sales goals. To make matters even more difficult, Facebook doesn’t allow CBD ads on its platform.

Their Goal

SJCBD wanted to find an effective way to bring potential customers to their sales pages. They were also hoping to find a way around Facebook’s restrictions for CBD ads.

The Solution

As with any campaign, we started by identifying the ideal audience for the client’s products. We developed multiple campaigns that used a variety of creative and targeted different audiences.

Once the ads were up and running we monitored the results closely to see what creative was working and who was clicking on the ads. Based on our findings, we refined the ads to improve conversions and zero in on the users who were most interested in the client’s products.

When we were satisfied with the amount of engagement and leads the ads were generating we increased the spend so the client could maximize their results.

Early on in the process, we realized that chatbots were also going to be a key part of our strategy.

Chatbots also provide a key advantage: They allow us to get around Facebook’s restrictions for CBD ads. The ads themselves didn’t mention CBD at all, and instead of directing people to a landing page, we directed them to a Facebook inbox where they were greeted by a chatbot. Because neither the ads nor the landing page contained anything about CBD there were no issues.

The bots then gave customers all the information they needed on the products. Copy was written so the chatbots could deal with a large number of different inquiries, and follow-up sequences were created to increase conversions.

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The Results

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SJCBD offers quality products for anyone looking to enjoy the benefits of CBD without the side effects of THC. We knew if we could get their ads in front of the right audience they would be able to reach their goals.

Sure enough, as soon as we launched the campaign the client began increasing their leads and expanding their customer base.

Here are some of the results:

  • Total leads: 11,789
  • Cost per lead: $0.25

SJCBD continues to find new customers and grow their business with the help of Facebook ad campaigns. We’re so happy we were able to help them generate more traffic and we look forward to working more with them in the future.

Services Used

The client purchased our Facebook Advertising Package, which includes campaign set-up, multiple ad variations, ad monitoring, optimization, and more. They also added our chatbot services and chose to run the ads in our account.

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