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My name is Christian Anthony. I’m a graduate of Political Dept, University of Nigeria, Awka (unizik). I work full time online for a living and I am generally passionate about the internet and how it works. I started my career online in Dec, 2012 and ever since then, I’ve never for once looked back despite all the challenges I encountered as a young entrepreneur.

I’ve authored so many e-books basically on wealth creation and starting a business. I love to share useful information with people around me and that is what motivated my blogging career. I am a very busy person because of the other online businesses that I run, but I still create time out of my busy schedule to run this blog.

I am fondly referred to as the ”Netpreneur  King” by friends, colleagues and fans because of my passion for information because to me, knowledge is power. The nick name Netpreneur King has come to stay.

Working online has been so fun for me and I enjoy every bit of it. The Secret of achieving success in any area, business or niche is to put God first in everything that you do, have the Zeal to really work hard, start with the right attitude and mindset. Then finally, like and enjoy what you do.

That is the main driving force behind my success.

With so many startup business ideas, it can be hard to figure out which is worth pursuing. You’ll want to create a store in a niche that’s not only profitable but also great for the long-term. You may notice that a lot of the business ideas on this website have been growing in popularity recently. While jumping on a new trend can sometimes be risky – it can also be highly rewarding. Some of the ecommerce business ideas on this website have always been popular for a long time making it more competitive but less risky. However, all the niche examples on this website will help make you money. 500+ startup ideas are given in WEALTH IDEAS & 200+ Entrepreneurship skills & development strategies are added in this site to run your business successfully.


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