We’ll build you a high-performance landing page that captures leads, nurtures them and generates sales on autopilot.

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First impressions matter.

Even more so when 47% of your visitors will abandon your website after viewing the first page.

This means that 1 in 2 website visitors would rather leave than navigate your site.

Long story short, anyone can create a landing page. 

But not everyone can craft a custom landing page that resonates with your customers, piques their curiosity, & gets them to stay.

Lucky for you, that’s exactly what we do. 

So if you:

  • Want to improve your website’s conversion rate
  • Want to reduce your bounce rate
  • Have no clue how to create a new, custom landing page

Then you need our Landing Page Creation service. 

We can help build the website of your dreams and get your business started on the Great Internet Of Things.

What are you waiting for?





Our high-performance landing pages are handcrafted by web designers, direct-response marketers and digital growth experts, not just ‘web designers’ whose goal is to make things look pretty.

We have a relentless focus on the data and user experience – with a primary focus on converting browsers into buyers.

Our landing page will be a good fit for you if you want to:

• Increase Your Online Leads And Sales: The landing page we will build for your Company or Brand is with premium respect to conversion and yes, it will still look very pretty.

So you are literally getting twice as much in one deal, a landing page optimized to convert as many customers and a fantastic-looking landing page.

• Get A Completely “Done-For-You” Service: We’ll handle EVERYTHING for you – so you can get on with the bigger business picture.

This includes writing hard-working direct response sales copy, through to a fully custom design and a responsive landing page build.


Not having a landing page today equals leaving money on the table because your landing page is like an automated salesman or a lead generation machine for your Business. 

Let’s help you enhance your brand visibility with a web-optimized & mobile-responsive landing page today. 

Let us be your Land Page Design Agency

As a results-driven digital marketing agency, we’re all about driving results.

Real, tangible results that resonate with your visitors and get them to stay.

And not to toot our own horn, but we’re experts at creating amazing landing pages on both WordPress and Shopify.

We’re here to help you get a new, interesting, conversion-driving landing page.

We’ll build a WordPress or Shopify landing page that can set you up for success and increase converting traffic.

Having a Well-Designed Landing Page Matters

User Experience Matters

People (and search engines) expect lading pages to be designed and developed to function seamlessly. If not, you risk losing potential customers.

More Customers, More Sales

If customers like what they see on your landing page, they’re more likely to convert into sales!

Brand Recognition

Being found online means more people recognize your brand. When they know they can count on your business, they will seek you out.

Easy Way to Showcase

Consider a landing page as a digital calling card! This is the easiest, and more effective way to showcase your business products and services.

What's Included?​

The short answer:

everything you need to get a high-performing landing page!

We evaluate your needs and create a strategy that can help boost your results.

Competitor Analysis

Stand out!

Your landing page deserves to be unique.

We’ll run thorough research of your competitor’s landing pages to ensure your new landing page is one of a kind & different from the rest.

Brand New Landing Page

Connect with your customers!

We will create easy sections with SEO-optimized content that make it easy for your users to navigate & engage with your brand.

Conversions, here we come!

Contact Form & Goal Tracking

If you don’t already have one, we will create a contact form on your website and set up a goal in Google Analytics to measure success.

This way you will be able to measure user engagement on your website while also getting new leads!

SEO Optimizations

Let customers find you!

We review your landing page to see if the keywords, titles & meta descriptions can help attract quality traffic (as well as check for a few other technical things).

Then, we optimize your landing page titles & meta descriptions to comply with the best SEO practices.

Stop wasting time, effort, and money trying to build a new landing page by yourself.

We’ll do it for you!

We’ll build you a high-performance landing page that captures leads, nurtures them and generates sales on autopilot.

Why us?
Because your landing page will be:


Your landing will look beautiful and will also be easy to navigate.


Your visitors won't have to wait for your landing page to load.

Fully Responsive

Your landing page will look great on any screen: computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.

Easy To Update

Sometimes you need to make changes to your landing page. That will be a breeze.


Today's Internet is about security, your landing page won't be the exception.

Search Engine Friendly

Our landing pages are optimized to be fully indexable by Google and all the other search engines.


Browse our gallery of landing pages for businesses just like yours

How It Works

These are the steps you need to follow to get started with Landing Page Creation.

  • First, book a call so we can get to know more about your business and recommend the best strategy for you.
  • Second, purchase our Landing Page Creation service.
  • Third, fill out a small survey with all the information we need, and share all the access needed so we can get started with your onboarding process.

After that, we will: 

  • Do the onboarding process for your business.
  • Do the research, analyze your website & competitors.
  • Create your brand new landing page from scratch.
  • Set you up for online success.


Before purchasing any Landing Page Creation package with us, please be sure you meet the following requirements:

  • Have an active website (showcase or eCommerce)
  • Have the necessary media ready for us to use

Ready To Get Started?

With our Landing page design service, there is not a lot you need to think about.

Our packages include everything you need to have a fully optimized landing page.

There is only 1 quick step you need to follow.

Click the button below to make your payment or contact us with your information and our accountant will be in touch with you on how to make your payment


To serve you as effectively as possible, we focus on services provided rather than hours worked only.

Instead of paying us an hourly rate, you pay us a fixed rate, and then we allocate our time, people, and resources that make the most sense for your strategy at that point in time.

Everything you get when you order our Landing Page Design Service

For Onetime Payment of $700 you get:


Frequently Asked Questions

Good question. It’s one we get asked all the time.

It all boils down to focus and the conversions – leads, sales or whatever action you want visitors to take – that results.

As the main page on a website, the focus of a homepage is to give an introduction to a company’s values and its product/service.

The layout and content are specifically designed to pique the interest of visitors and encourage them to explore the other pages on the site.

In contrast, the whole focus of a landing page is conversion.

It’s a standalone page (that’s usually built on a company’s website domain) that’s designed to trigger a specific action of the user.

It gets rid of distraction and keeps the user focused on one thing, whether that’s signing up for a newsletter, booking an appointment or buying a product.

Yes! Across all industries, landing pages have an average conversion rate of 9.7%.

However, creating a dedicated landing page that addresses your customers’ concerns can increase conversions by up to 80%!

You will have a better chance of connecting with your customers thanks to faster loading times, better user experience, improved content, higher visibility, and sleeker design, yielding amazing results.

So, yes – dedicated landing pages are definitely something you need in your Shopify or WordPress website.

  • Increased conversions
  • It works, while you don’t
  • A landing page supports your business goals
  • Data generation and valuable insights by means of user tracking
  • Develops brand awareness
  • Did we mention increased conversions?

Yes. You have a product to sell and a landing page is one of the most effective ways to persuade visitors to act on an offer.

We’ll use a magnetic headline, trust indicators, social proof and other kickass elements to compel visitors to take action and hit that CTA button.

But this approach isn’t suitable for all businesses. 

Ecommerce landing pages are very effective if you sell one product.

Once you start expanding your business and product range, landing pages no longer make sense as a standalone web project.

A homepage is typically a summary of your business and a directory for your products or services.

You could say it’s like a digital foyer / welcome page for your business.

Home Pages are great, but they rarely drive conversions.

A landing page, in comparison, is a single focused page that is designed with one goal in mind.

That goal is conversions.

A landing page:

  • Does not link out to other pages
  • Does not try to sell multiple products or services
  • Does not try to reach multiple audiences same time

If you want to SELL rather than welcome people to your website, a landing page is the solution every time.

Always a landing page.

It’s simple.

Here’s an example why;

Let’s say a customer clicks on your ad after searching Google for ‘gas fitting services in South Melbourne’.

They didn’t search for your company; they’re just looking for a gas fitter and decided to click on your ad.

Instead of taking the user to a landing page that’s kitted out with all the info they need to know about your gas fitting services, they end up on your homepage – a page that is littered with information and category listings that are linked to all the services you offer.

They’re now looking at a page that talks about emergency plumbing and plumbing maintenance.

That user now has to figure out how to find out about your gas fitting services.

That takes time. It takes effort. And it will most likely result in a bounce.

YES! Landing pages are most effective when they are talking about one product or service.

Why? Because it’s…

  • More direct
  • More targeted
  • More informative
  • More impactful
  • Our landing pages are designed to maximize ROI and not just to look pretty (pages that look good count for nothing if they don’t convert)
  • Wealth Ideas Agency fuses our famous marketing style with specific market research to identify the core of what a customer wants to see
  • We then turn that into a high-impact, sharp-looking landing page that is designed to drive conversions and bring a huge ROI
  • We get results by turning browsers into buyers

This service includes our management fee and the creation of a brand new landing page.

This includes the research, coding, creation, and set up of a brand new landing page within your existing WordPress or Shopify website.

Ready To Get Started?

With our Landing page design service, there is not a lot you need to think about.

Still Not Sure?

Book a free consultation and let’s discuss your needs.