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Hello Advertiser, I welcome you to our platform where businesses find several ways to promote their brand. We at Wealth Ideas Agency always strive better for the future Internet world. With half of the traffic from the United States, the website is growing very fast.

Advertise on Wealth Ideas and get your products and services in front of the right audience. has one of the finest internet audiences globally, made up of business-minded people who are looking for ways to improve their finances, businesses, and new investment opportunities.

We’ve been busy over the years building a community of responsible high net worth individuals who have what it takes to patronize your business. Now is the time to experience the benefit of this useful audience by advertising with us at a minimal cost. traffic is 100% organic. Meaning that we get found on search engines by people who are searching for different things on Google, Bing, Yahoo search, and other major search engines. Relying on search engines for traffic means filtering the quality of people who visit and nothing less.

One unique thing about our advert is that we don’t litter our pages with advertisements. Only a few slots and we are done, no ad rioting, no unnecessary competing ads, only the real deal.

Another good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to advertise your products and services on, just as low as $100 and you’ll have your ads on our site for a whole week. We have different kinds of Advertising schemes on our platform.

Available Ad Sizes and Current Rates

Below are some of our available ad options, sizes, and the current rates:

Banner Ads

 Advert size   Location  Weekly Rates Monthly Rates
 Banner 1 (300 x 250 px)  Site Sidebar (Top) $110$400
 Banner 2 (336 x 280 px)  Site Sidebar (Top)$120 $450
 Banner 3 (728 x 90 px )  Site Header$120 $450
 Banner 4 (300 x 600 px)  Site Sidebar (Top)$205 $600
 Advert size    Location  Weekly Rates Monthly Rates
 Banner 1 (300 x 250 px)   Sidebar (Bottom) $100 $350
 Banner 2 (336 x 280 px)   Sidebar (bottom) $110 $400
 Banner 3 (728 x 90 px )   Site Footer $110 $400
 Banner 4 (300 x 600 px)   Sidebar (Bottom) $190 $550
 Special Advert size  Location Weekly Rates Monthly Rates
 Banner 5 (970 x 90 px) Top or Bottom $250 $1,000
 Banner 6 (970 x 250 px) Bottom (Billboard) $400 $1,500

In Post Banners Ads

 Advert size   Location  Weekly Rates Monthly Rates
 Banner 1 (300 x 250 px)  In-post (Top) $150$550
 Banner 2 (336 x 280 px)  In-post (Middle)$130 $500
 Banner 3 (336 x 280 px)  In-post (Bottom)$120 $450
 Banner 4 (300 x 250 px)  In-post (Top + Middle)$205 $600

HomePage Banner Ads

 Advert size   Location  Weekly Rates Monthly Rates
 Banner 1 (728 x 90 px )  Site Homepage (Top) $110$400
 Banner 2 (728 x 90 px )  Site Homepage (Middle)$120 $450
 Banner 3 (728 x 90 px )  Site Homepage (Bottom)$120 $450
 Banner 4 (728 x 90 px )  Homepage Header$205 $600

HomePage Link Ads

Link Types  Location  Weekly Rates Monthly Rates
 Normal Links  Homepage Header $100$400
Adult Links  Homepage Header$150 $500
Gambling Links  Homepage Header$150 $500
Other Links  Homepage Header$110 $450

Guest Post, Sponsored Post, And Paid Post

Post Niche Rates
Adult Niche$500
Gambling Niche$400
Other Niches$300

Guest Post Guidelines

Guest contributors interested in submitting to Wealth Ideas Agency should provide original, well-researched content of at least 1000 – 1500 words on topics related to our niche. Submissions must be exclusive to our site and formatted in Google Docs, including high-quality images with proper attribution.

Authors are encouraged to incorporate SEO best practices and maintain a professional, positive tone. The editorial team reserves the right to edit submissions for style and clarity, and contributors should include a brief bio with a maximum of two links.

Submitted posts should be sent to our editorial team, and authors are expected to share their published content. By submitting, contributors agree to these guidelines.

Backlinks And Link Insertion Into Post

Link Types Rates
 Normal Niche $100
Adult Niche$400
Gambling Niche$300
Other Niches$110

Advertising on is simple

1. Make your payment using any of our payment methods of your choice.

2. Design your advert in JPG, JPEG, PNG, JMPG, and send it as an attachment to: hello[at] (make sure you follow the best practice in ad design)

Once we have your advert and verify your payment, your ads will be live ASAP.

If you desire a special position or a possible discount, you can send us an email stating your budget and size and we’ll take it from there.

For any additional details or customized quote requests, you can always reach us at: hello[at] or use the contact form below.

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