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The perfect Campaign Setup for Crypto and Gambling ads

The perfect Campaign Setup for Crypto and Gambling ads

Are you looking to set up successful advertising campaigns for crypto and gambling products? Ensuring the right elements in your campaign setup is crucial for achieving optimal results. In this blog post, we will explore the perfect campaign setup strategies tailored specifically for crypto and gambling ads. Stay tuned to learn how you can maximize your advertising efforts in these competitive niches.


  1. 1 Facebook page
  2. 1 Facebook ad account
  3. 1 Chatfuel account
  4. Graphic/Video Editing Skills (to taste)
  5. The website you want to send traffic to
  6. Understanding of insider Crypto & Gambling lingo


Step 1

Place your laptop on the top of a table and open Facebook. Go to your Ads Manager
If you still haven’t been blocked by Facebook, try to Create an Ad. Carefully choose the “Messages” objective

Step 2

For the creative, choose an image & terms that appear to be ‘normal’ to a layman but immediately signify to an insider what the creative is about.

E.g. Satoshi Nakamoto, BTC instead of Bitcoin, Daily Bonus & Jackpots

You get the gist.

Mix everything and bring it to a boil. If it smells like money, send it to Facebook for a quick taste session

Don’t connect your Chatbot yet.

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Step 3

Wealth Ideas Forum

When your ads are approved, connect your Facebook page to your bot and resubmit the ads again.

The chatbot setup includes the link to your website.

And voila, the perfect summer dish is ready!


Chatfuel Analytics

Smells like money, doesn’t it? 

Campaign Stats:

1. Cost Per Messaging Conversation: $0.52

2. Conversion rate from Message to website click: 66%

3. eCPC: 0.78$

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