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$132K In Revenue For A Client, Here’s How We Did It

2K In Revenue, Here’s How We Did It!


This is a real-life case study from a past client.

You can leverage the expertise of our digital marketing professionals who have crafted numerous successful digital marketing campaigns for businesses seeking to boost sales, leads, transactions, and qualified website traffic.

They are eager to replicate this success for you.

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So, we’ve been testing a NEW type of funnel for the last few weeks and it’s doing really, really well — for one of our clients, high ticket client, I must add.

I call it “the $1 funnel”.

So, today, I want to show you how you can use “the $1 funnel” in your business to get more customers with LESS effort.

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How doe that sound?

Great, right?

Anyway, first, a quick case study…

One of my coaching clients runs an HR consulting agency (Simply put, she helps companies hire rockstar talents).

Guess how much she charges?

$5,500 per month.

Before we tested a $1 funnel, she was generating QUALIFIED leads for about $125 USD per lead.

Not so bad but the thing is, it is only 1 in 15 of those leads that become clients.

So, she spends around $1,875 to get a client who pays her $5,500 per MONTH.

Prior to meeting us, she was charging around $3000 until we jacked her price to $5,500.

Even after doing that, we still noticed that her sales process was broken.

Remember I told you she converts 1 in 15 leads to customers, right?

Now, to convert 1 in 15 leads into a paying client, she’d need to speak to each of those 15 leads ON THE PHONE (via zoom) for an hour each or longer.

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… so basically she was spending half her week on the phone.

She was exhausted, tired, angry, and ready to throw in the towel.

I suggested we test a $1 funnel…

Instead of a typical sales funnel (people seeing her ad, watching a sales video, and then booking a call with her), I asked her to switch things up.

I suggested she record a 45-60 minute direct-to-camera video in which she shares her top 3 tips to hire amazing talent quickly.

We were going to sell this (very) valuable video for just $1.

Once she recorded the video, we set up a really simple funnel that looks like this (the image below):

We started running Facebook ads to the landing page, which offered immediate access to her 60-minute “tips” video for $1.

On the landing page, we ran a 3-minute sales video and we ONLY popped up the buy button once her video had played long enough for her to communicate the value of the offer.

Simple enough, right?

Create an ad, throw up a basic landing page, and film (or record) a short sales video.

And oh, if you’re NOT OK with filming a video, you can also use screen recording apps to create it, it works too.

Here’s one of the reasons this works like crazy…

If someone pays you ANY amount of money, a lot of them will WANT to pay you even more money.

So instead of showing the typical “Thanks for your order, blah blah blah” message on the order confirmation page, we showed a one-click up-sell.

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The offer?

A 60-minute customized strategy call to help them with their recruiting.

The cost?


On those calls, she will offer her recruiting services if she feels 1) they can help the prospect and 2) she wants to work with them.

The best part of this one-click upsell?

As the name implies, they literally just click a button and the $200 is billed automatically.

They usually DON’T have to type in their credit card details again.

(Of COURSE in both the video AND on the page, we made it explicitly clear that when they click the green button, they will be billed $200 instantly. You always wanna make that clear…)

Anyway, how did it go?

Interestingly superlative!

Here are the results after 12 days of testing:

  • Amount Spent: $978
  • $1 Video Purchases: 42
  • $200 Strategy Call Purchases: 6
  • New Clients: 2

It hasn’t even been two weeks and she’s signed a new client.

But get this — she spent $978 on Facebook ads to get a 2clients that pay her $5,500 per MONTH, each.

That’s $11,000 per MONTH.

If the clients stay for just 12 months (her average client retains her services for about 16 months), her $978 ad spend will bring in $132,000 of revenue.

That’s insane!

The best part?

She’s been able to dramatically REDUCE the time she spends on the phone and the quality of prospects she speaks with has INCREASED significantly — so she gets more clients with less effort 🙂

Why does a $1 funnel work so well?

Great question!

… and the answer is simple: because we’re giving HUGE value in exchange for a low-risk “investment” of $1.

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Because people are already in “buying mode” (yep, even after spending just $1), they are also SIGNIFICANTLY more likely to purchase any additional offers you add into your sales process.

The good thing about $1 funnels?

They work in almost EVERY industry.
They don’t cost a lot to set up.
They don’t cost a lot to test.
They’re easy to optimize.
They’re fast to create.
The tech is simple.

How could you use a $1 funnel in your business?

If you’re in e-commerce: Offer a small version of your product for $1 and up-sell them on a continuity program on the backend.

If you’re a coach or consultant: Offer one of your online courses for $1 and up-sell them on a 30-day free trial of your group coaching program.

If you’re an agency: Offer an in-depth case study from your most successful client for $1 and up-sell them on a $200 strategy session call.

If you’re in software or SaaS: Offer a live Zoom call where you help them solve an important problem, then on the Zoom call offer one year of your product at a 40% discount.

If you’d like me to walk you through the step-by-step process to deploy a $1 funnel in YOUR business, then I’ve got some good news for you.

Click the button below to get in touch with us now

Whether you want to become a client or not, I hope you found this case study useful 🙂

To higher Income

Chris Anthony

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