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How We Had Success With Facebook Advertising for a Cannabis Company

How We Had Success With Facebook Advertising for a Cannabis Company


When a Canadian cannabis company approached us, they were skeptical about the possibilities of Meta advertising. Our Digital Marketing Agency not only educated them but also executed a flawless 52-day campaign, resulting in 1 million impressions and 8,471 link clicks.


  1. Dispel client skepticism about Facebook advertising.
  2. Achieve uninterrupted ad run.
  3. Drive targeted traffic.


  1. Overcoming the client’s initial doubts about Meta advertising.
  2. Navigating Facebook’s strict cannabis advertising regulations.
  3. Ensuring a smooth, issue-free ad run for an extended period.

Why We Were Successful

  1. Experience in Difficult Niches: Our expertise in navigating complex regulations ensured a smooth, uninterrupted 52-day ad run.
  2. Platform Understanding: Our in-depth knowledge of Meta’s algorithms and policies guaranteed a campaign free of issues or bans.
  3. Creative and Marketing Expertise: Our tailored creatives effectively communicated the brand message without triggering Meta’s policies.

Unique Creative Approach

We employed a unique creative strategy that directly implied the ad was about cannabis, while carefully navigating Meta’s advertising guidelines to ensure compliance.

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  • 8,471 Link Clicks: Achieved a high level of engagement and drove significant traffic to the client’s website.
  • 1 Million Impressions: Successfully broadened the brand’s reach and awareness.
  • Client Education: Successfully educated the client about the untapped potential of Facebook advertising.
  • Cryptocurrency Payment: Facilitated easy cross-border transactions by accepting cryptocurrency from the client for our services and ad spend


This campaign was a landmark in multiple ways. Not only did it achieve stellar performance metrics, but it also educated the client about new advertising avenues and provided a complete A-Z solution. The acceptance of cryptocurrency as a payment method further streamlined the process, making it a seamless experience for the client. Our unique blend of experience, platform understanding, and creative expertise was key to this success.

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If you’re interested in leveraging our expertise to run highly-effective Meta advertising campaigns for your business, please feel free to contact us. We’re here to provide you with a comprehensive, tailored advertising solution that meets your specific needs.

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