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How to Run Native Advertising with Taboola Ads

How to Run Native Advertising with Taboola Ads

A quick start guide for businesses and brands looking to use native advertising and content marketing to increase their bottom line.

For most people, Google Ads and social media advertising are what come to mind when they hear the words ‘digital ads’. Well, that’s not all there is to digital ads. There are other forms of digital ads like Taboola ads — and their returns are quite massive.

Taboola ads pretty much involve native advertising.

What is Native Advertising

Native advertising involves the creation of ads that align with the design, branding, and content of a website or app. With Taboola ads, your ad is analyzed and displayed on relevant websites and apps. Relevant websites (or apps) are digital platforms that your target audience usually visits. This way, you’d get your ads shown to people who will most likely buy your product or service offering.

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As a heavy internet user, you may have come across the “Around the Web” or “Recommended For You” boxes found at the bottom of several authoritative news platforms. Well, most content on those sections are native ads — and possibly sponsored by Taboola.

Since Taboola serves recommendation feeds to platforms like MSN, NBC News, Bloomberg, and other websites, you’re sure of positioning your brand in front of billions of people across the globe. For clarity, your ads will only be found on websites (and apps) that are partners with Taboola. And your ad copy has to align with the overall brand messaging and value of the websites.

Now you have a rough overview of how Taboola Ads works, here is how our team generated lots of traffic and leads using Taboola Ads.

About The Client

The biggest economic crash in history is around the corner. But you can safeguard yourself and your assets by getting into crypto — and that’s where our client comes in.

If you’re like most people, you’re probably skeptical about crypto. However, financial experts like Robert Kiyosaki say it’s time to buy crypto. Buying crypto is not rosy — and that’s why platforms like our client’s are designed to guide everyone, regardless of your level of expertise.

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Running a converting campaign for the client’s community wasn’t easy.

Here are some problems encountered during the process.

Client Problems

The primary problem lies in the need to run native ads. Native ads are a sure way to position the brand in front of the right audience. Since the ads will appear on authority websites, it makes them more trustworthy. After all, visitors who visit authority websites trust such websites (or apps) as reliable sources of informative content. And such trust will spill over to the ads. That is, the ads found on these platforms are more trustworthy.

The need for native ads is one thing. But a greater problem lies in the absence of a Taboola account. By now, you probably know that the first step to running native campaigns is to have an account(s) on the relevant platforms. In this case, the platform is Taboola — and the right thing is to try opening an account on the platform. And all these things came with some challenges.

Here are the challenges encountered by our team.


Although our team has had some successes when it came to launching high-converting Facebook and Google Ads, they have not managed a Taboola campaign before — and that posed a challenge.

Since it’s the first time managing a full-fledged Taboola campaign, another challenge encountered during the process was settling on a competitive cost. Every advertising platform is different. As such an advertiser must seek to understand the competitive cost in the platform — and that’s what we sought after.

Aside from seeking a competitive cost, we had to study everything there is to know about the Taboola platform. Taboola is different from other platforms, and that difference has to be understood.


As mentioned earlier, Taboola had to be studied and understood. A thorough study of the platform was done — and that provided a clear blueprint on how to launch a high-converting campaign on the platform.

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Furthermore, the previous experience gathered while running campaigns on platforms like Facebook and Google played a role. As a team that had managed lots of campaigns on other digital platforms, figuring out how to maneuver the Taboola platform wasn’t much of a big deal.

Speaking of figuring out the platform, here are some things that were learned during the process.

Learning Process

One of the first things learned about the Taboola platform is its approval process. Unlike Google and Facebook, there is a need for prior approval of URLs on Taboola. Simply put, the URLs have to go through an approval process to ascertain if it’s worthy to be inserted in the ad.

When it comes to the ad approval, there were lots of back and forth with the team at Taboola. One of the major drawbacks of such a manual approval process is the high probability of repeatedly misjudging ads and disapproving them — and Taboola is no exception to this!

Furthermore, the system and interface on Taboola are not as advanced as that of Google and Facebook. That’s not to say that the Taboola system is not good — it’s quite good. But in comparison to Google and Facebook, their system and interface won’t cut.

Moving on, here are the processes used in launching a high-converting campaign for the client.

Campaign Process

To get the best out of native ads, you need to use eye-catching images and compelling headlines. If your images and headlines are not of the best quality, you’d be shooting yourself in the foot — and no one will notice your ads.

To get started, we had to come up with scroll-stopping images and headlines. The goal is to draw the audience’s attention by using images and headlines that appeal to them.

After that, we had to focus on broad targeting. With broad targeting, your ads will cover a wide range of audiences and will lead to better targeting. Aside from using broad targeting, we had to optimize the ads for mobile devices.

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It’s no news that a large fraction of people use mobile devices to access the internet. Imagine launching campaigns that are not responsive to mobile devices. Well, that spells disaster as lots of people won’t grasp what you’re marketing. After all, ads that are not mobile-friendly won’t be adequately displayed on mobile devices.

Mobile ads are the way to go. It does guarantee more traffic. And if your ads are compelling, then converting this traffic won’t be an issue.

Finally, our team had to keep a close eye on the campaign as weeks rolled by. By closely monitoring the campaign, they get to make the necessary adjustments while learning on the go.


Interestingly, the results were massive! we delivered a successful campaign that beats the industry benchmarks for cost per click (CPC) and click-through rate (CTR).

Now, that’s worth bragging about!

Spend: 1,109.62 USD

Total landing page views: 4,459

Average time spent on LP: 1min 3s

Grow Your Business Using Taboola Ads

Whether you’re looking for ways of growing your brand awareness or generating quality leads, you need to consider native ads. And when it comes to native ads, Taboola is the platform to look out for.

With native ads, you get to position your brand in front of people who will most likely buy from you. If you’re not confident with your skills, you should consider hiring a team of veteran marketers to manage your campaigns — and that’s where we come in.

Wealth Ideas will help you launch and manage high-converting campaigns on any digital platforms you may have in mind.

Regardless of the industry you’re playing in, there is always a way to grow your business — and Wealth Ideas will help you do just that.

You can reach us using this form.

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