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How We Generated Over 600% RoAS for a UK-based Lottery Company

How We Generated Over 600% RoAS for a UK-based Lottery Company

Wealth Ideas worked with a renowned online lottery company offering various raffle prizes to winning raffle draw participants.

About the client

The platform works by allowing participants to pick from several raffle competitions they want to feature in, select their desired ticket number, and enter the draw as many times as possible.

Before working with our agency, the client couldn’t run any Facebook ads.

Because of Facebook’s policy on online gambling ads, they needed the legal real money gambling (RMG) license they need to run Facebook ads without restrictions.

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We discussed their pain points and completed a full brand analysis to find out the best solutions our agency can offer.

The Problem

The major problem the client faced was the inability to maintain a strong buy-ready audience and expand their raffle draw reach.

Usually, the main goal of lottery businesses is to increase the number of players and ticket sales but to do this; they need to effectively advertise draws and get in front of a significant number of interested players.

The Challenge

For the client, the biggest challenge was how to expand their reach across the UK and effectively increase raffle draw ticket sales while maintaining a significantly lower advertising cost.

More so, To effectively reach their potential audience, they needed to be in a space where they could actively engage with lottery enthusiasts online.

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Nevertheless, getting the legal license from Facebook to advertise on their platform was a major huddle that needed effort and hands-on experience.

The Solution

As our analysis of the company evolved, our focus eventually led us to find the ideal audience demographics enabling us to target consistent and long-time raffle draw players.

We successfully found the best audience to target for the advertising campaign through our effective audience research, persona creation, and test ads for both the client’s app install and ticket sales.

Also, in order to scale advertising success and lower spending, we used effective ad creatives to refine and reposition the brand as a fun and entertaining brand that keeps its word and awards raffle winning for every competition.

We also expanded our ad initiative by creating ad sets that resonate with audiences on iOS and Android devices.

As discussed with the clients, all our ad strategies were aimed at improving app installs and ticket sales for the two different raffle competitions.

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Our Process

To start providing our services to the clients, we needed to ensure they had the RMG license required for Facebook advertising.

As soon as the necessary license was obtained, we jumped right into the advertising phase and started by running two types of ads, namely

-App Installation Ad

-Cash raffle draw tickets

Initially, we started with low-budget testing of the ads’ target demographics on both iPhone and Android and found ad sets that worked well.

We then scaled by creating a total of 11 different ads running at a cost of 150 pounds per day.

For the app install raffle competition, we crafted ad creatives and ran app install campaigns for Android and iOS users because the client requires interested raffle players to download the app before accessing the draw tickets.

For the Cash raffle draw tickets campaign, we used ad creatives using raw images provided by the client showcasing social proof and successfully drove more web presence ticket sales.

While we focused more ad budget on iOS users due to their higher purchasing power, we also left no stone unturned in garnering as many Android audiences as possible.

We continued to scale the ads continuously to enable the client to drive more ROI from raffle ticket sales both on the website and on their mobile apps.

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Final Results

  1. Industry: Online Lottery
  2. Country: United Kingdom
  3. Language: English
  4. Total Spent: USD 5,585.25
  5. Campaign Duration: 41 days

Sales Stats

6.1. Total Sales from Cash Raffle Campaign (Only from Facebook reporting):  1,088

6.2. Average cost per conversion: USD1.53

  1. 3. Average Return on Ad Spend: 620%

6.4. Last 7 days CPA: USD0.47 (69% lower than average)

  1. Last 7 days Return on Spend: 1323%

App Install Stats

  1. 1. Total App Installs (Only from Facebook reporting):  2,331
  2. 2. Average cost per install for winning campaign: USD1.57


Through our experience and advertising expertise, we gave the client the much-needed brand refresh, repositioning them for greater growth. After multiple tests and trying out different ad strategies, we successfully drove more awareness for the brand while aligning our efforts across all deliverables to guarantee 100% satisfaction.

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