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How We Generated Deposits and Sign-Ups for a Gambling Website

How We Generated Deposits and Sign-Ups for a Gambling Website

Running profitable Facebook ads for a gambling website is no easy feat. You have to know easy ways of maneuvering stringent terms that guide Gambling ads on Facebook. And if your target audience is in countries like Qatar, Singapore, and Indonesia, then you’ve got more work to do — unless you’re working with seasoned experts.

This case study shows you how we used the pre-lander method to generate more deposits and signups for a client’s gambling business, and how a business like yours could use the method to drive more results.

About the Client

Contrary to popular belief, gambling is one of the sure ways of boosting your mental health. It boosts happiness, reduces stress, and sharpens the mind. And if you’re looking for a way to grow your social network, gambling could help — plus the added advantage of earning substantial income in the process.

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The problem lies in finding a reliable gambling platform — and that’s where 777slot comes in.

The 777slot offers online and live casino services for people in Indonesia and its environs. You get to earn more income by betting on your favorite game and if the odds favor you, you’d be smiling to the bank.

Just like other gambling businesses, the problem lies in getting more people to make deposits and sign-ups on the platform. To solve that, the client opts for Facebook ads. After all, a fraction of Facebook’s 2.93 billion monthly active users is worth the ad cost. But to make the effort count, they opt for the services of veteran Facebook ads experts — and that’s where we come in.

Generating more deposits and signups wasn’t all sunshine and rosy.

Here are some problems encountered along the way.

The Problems

By now, you probably know that Facebook has some stringent policies when it comes to running gambling ads on the platform. But there is a way around it, and that doesn’t include cutting corners.

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Aside from the inability to run gambling ads on the Facebook platform, 777slot has experienced lots of account bans and ad disapprovals. It takes great skills to maneuver through the vigorous process that goes into running profitable Facebook ads for a gambling website. And if a large chunk of your target audience uses Apple products, then you’d have to deal with the Facebook and Apple iOS 14 issues.

Moving on, finding agencies that know the nitty-gritty of gambling ads, and everything that goes into running profitable Facebook gambling ads seems to be an issue for most businesses — and 777slot is no exception!

However, all these problems were tackled by the team of veteran Facebook ad specialists at Wealth Ideas came into the picture. But it wasn’t a smooth journey — here are some challenges encountered by the team.

Our Challenges

One of the major challenges was getting the gambling ads approved. Facebook policy as it relates to gambling is quite tricky — and if proper care is not taken, your gambling ads may get disapproved over and over again. Although getting the gambling ads approved is somewhat hard, it’s not impossible. You just need to put the pieces together to get started.

Getting the gambling ads approved is almost impossible. But if you overcome the hurdle, you’d need to generate cheap traffic that converts, and that’s why you’d need compelling ads and pre-lander. Designing ads and pre-lander that convert is quite tedious. 

good pre-lander bypasses moderation, and enables you to run ads for anything — and that includes running gambling ads. This way, you get to worry about the fancy Facebook policies and updates like the Apple iOS 14 updates that keep rolling out.

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Finally, our team had to figure out a way to keep the account running without bans. Getting an ad approved is one thing, but keeping the ad account running is another issue. If you could figure out these two things, then you’d pretty much run a profitable gambling ad with ease.

Here are easy ways to tackle these challenges.

The Solution

Savvy Facebook marketers start by using terms in the gambling community to carefully craft ad copy and creatives. However, these are terms that are not easily identifiable by Facebook. The primary goal is to go under the Facebook radar whilst still being able to fully communicate with the target audience.

Yes, it’s much like killing two birds with one stone. You go unnoticed on Facebook, and also easily communicate your message with your target audience. It’s a fancy way of not watering down your message while avoiding the suspicious eyes of the Facebook platform.

Moving on, we had to optimize ads for conversion. Creating ads that get approved by Facebook is not enough. However, since the primary objective is to generate more deposits and sign-ups, optimizing your ads is a sure way of achieving these aims. 

One way of doing that is by making sure all the ad elements like ad copy, headlines, and creative are structured in such a way as to help you convert a large portion of the people who come in touch with your ads.

If your ads are properly optimized for conversion, you’ve got to keep a close eye on your sign-ups and deposit rates. If the sign-up and deposit numbers are going up, then you’re probably doing the right and have to keep it moving. However, if you notice low sign-up and deposit figures, then you need to make the necessary adjustments to keep your numbers up.

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Furthermore, there have to be accurate reporting channels to help update the client on the status of the campaign — and that’s where good communication channels come into play.

But is the pre-lander method effective?

When it comes to the pre-lander method, you’ll notice that it helps solve common issues associated with running profitable Facebook ads. Some of the issues include frequent account bans, low conversion rates, and unusual user experience.

Tackling these issues pretty much translates to massive gains when running Facebook ads.


Generate High Returns On Ads Spend (ROAS) for Your Facebook Ads

Running a profitable Facebook ad is possible — and you can achieve that by using the pre-lander method. But it’s not always a smooth sail as you’d need to put the pieces together. These pieces could be coming up with compelling ad creatives, and crafting an ad copy that converts.

After that, you’d need a team of veteran Facebook ad experts to help you optimize your ad and position it in front of the right target audience — and that’s where we come in.

Whether you desire more sales for your e-commerce business, dropshipping store, subscription-based business, cryptocurrency exchange company, medicinal mushroom business, or anything in between, there’s something for you.

That’s not all…

If you’re looking to make inquiries about the multimillion revenue-generating funnel, or other Facebook ads-related queries, you can reach out by merely using this contact form.

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