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How We Helped a Chiropractor with a 35% Increase in New Patient Appointments

How We Helped a Chiropractor with a 35% Increase in New Patient Appointments

Client: Dr. Wellness – Chiropractic Clinic

Background: Dr. Wellness is a chiropractic clinic that provides holistic healthcare services to patients suffering from musculoskeletal issues, back pain, and other related conditions. Despite having a strong reputation in the local community, the clinic faced challenges in attracting new patients and expanding its customer base. To address this issue, they approached our Chiropractic marketing agency for assistance in increasing their customer base and driving patient acquisition.


  1. Increase the number of new patient appointments.
  2. Improve online visibility to attract potential patients.
  3. Enhance brand awareness and credibility in the local community.
  4. Develop a patient-centric marketing strategy to foster trust and loyalty.

Strategies and Implementation:

Website Optimization: We conducted a thorough audit of Dr. Wellness’ website and identified areas for improvement. We optimized the website for search engines (SEO) to improve its ranking in relevant local search results. Additionally, we ensured that the website provided clear information about the clinic’s services, the chiropractor’s credentials, patient testimonials, and contact details for easy appointment booking.

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Local SEO and Google My Business: To boost the clinic’s online visibility, we implemented a local SEO strategy. This involved optimizing Google My Business (GMB) listing with accurate business information, including location, hours of operation, and customer reviews. We encouraged satisfied patients to leave positive reviews, further enhancing the clinic’s reputation.

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Content Marketing: We developed a content marketing strategy that focused on educating potential patients about chiropractic care, the benefits of seeking treatment, and tips for maintaining spinal health. We created informative blog posts and engaging social media content to position Dr. Wellness as a knowledgeable and trustworthy authority in the field.

Targeted Advertising: Using online advertising platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads, we launched targeted campaigns to reach potential patients in the local area. We utilized demographic and interest-based targeting to connect with individuals seeking chiropractic care or experiencing back pain and related issues.

Referral Program: To encourage word-of-mouth referrals, we implemented a referral program that rewarded existing patients for referring new patients to the clinic. This incentivized satisfied patients to share their positive experiences with others, driving new patient appointments.

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Increased New Patient Appointments: Over the course of six months, Dr. Wellness experienced a 35% increase in new patient appointments compared to the previous six-month period.

Improved Online Visibility: The local SEO efforts and Google My Business optimization led to higher rankings in local search results, resulting in increased organic traffic to the clinic’s website.

Enhanced Brand Awareness: The content marketing strategy and social media efforts increased the clinic’s brand awareness and positioned Dr. Wellness as a trusted healthcare provider in the local community.

Higher Patient Referrals: The referral program proved to be successful, resulting in a 20% increase in patient referrals from satisfied existing patients.

Patient Loyalty: The patient-centric marketing approach fostered a sense of trust and loyalty among existing patients, leading to an increase in repeat appointments and patient retention.


Through a strategic and patient-centric marketing approach, we successfully helped Dr. Wellness, a chiropractic clinic, increase its customer base. By optimizing the website for SEO, enhancing online visibility through local SEO and Google My Business, implementing content marketing and targeted advertising, and introducing a patient referral program, we achieved a 35% increase in new patient appointments. The case study demonstrates the power of digital marketing strategies in driving patient acquisition and fostering brand loyalty for a chiropractic practice.

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