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How We Achieved a 158% ROAS for a Herbal Brand in 3 Months

How We Achieved a 158% ROAS for a Herbal Brand in 3 Months

Client: HerbalHealth – Online Herbal Supplement Retailer

Budget: $5,000

Campaign Period: 3 months

Background: HerbalHealth is an online retailer that specializes in selling high-quality herbal supplements and wellness products. Despite having a good product line, the company struggled to achieve profitable returns on their advertising spend. To address this challenge and boost their revenue, they sought the assistance of our herbal marketing agency to develop a results-oriented digital marketing strategy.


  1. Increase return on advertising spend (ROAS).
  2. Drive higher sales and revenue through digital marketing channels.
  3. Enhance brand visibility and attract potential customers to the website.
  4. Optimize advertising campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

Strategies and Implementation:

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Audience Segmentation and Targeting: We conducted in-depth market research to identify the most relevant audience segments for HerbalHealth’s products. By analyzing customer demographics, interests, and past purchase behaviors, we segmented the audience into more refined groups. This allowed us to tailor our advertising messages and target specific segments with personalized content.

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Search Engine Advertising (Google Ads): We launched targeted Google Ads campaigns using relevant keywords related to herbal supplements and wellness products. We utilized precise match types and negative keywords to optimize ad spend and ensure that ads appeared to the most relevant and qualified searchers.

Social Media Advertising (Facebook and Instagram): To expand the brand’s reach, we implemented engaging social media advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. We utilized detailed audience targeting based on demographics, interests, and behavior to reach potential customers who showed an interest in herbal products and related health and wellness topics.

Remarketing Campaigns: To recapture lost website visitors and encourage abandoned cart customers to complete their purchases, we launched remarketing campaigns. These campaigns served personalized ads to users who had previously visited HerbalHealth’s website or added items to their carts but did not convert.

Landing Page Optimization: We optimized HerbalHealth’s website landing pages to align with specific advertising campaigns. This included clear calls-to-action (CTAs), persuasive product descriptions, and user-friendly layouts to improve conversion rates.

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Performance Tracking and Optimization: Throughout the three-month period, we closely monitored the performance of all advertising campaigns. Based on data-driven insights, we continuously optimized ad creatives, audience targeting, and bid strategies to improve ROAS and overall campaign effectiveness.


Increased ROAS: Within three months, we achieved a significant 158% return on advertising spend for HerbalHealth. This meant that for every dollar spent on advertising, the company generated $2.58 in revenue.

Higher Sales and Revenue: The improved ROAS led to a substantial increase in sales and revenue for HerbalHealth, allowing the company to reinvest in further growth initiatives.

Enhanced Brand Visibility: The targeted advertising campaigns helped improve HerbalHealth’s brand visibility among the relevant audience segments, increasing brand recognition and trust.

Improved Website Conversion Rates: The optimized landing pages and remarketing campaigns contributed to higher website conversion rates, leading to more completed purchases and reduced cart abandonment.

Data-Driven Decision-Making: The continuous monitoring and optimization of advertising campaigns based on performance data ensured that resources were focused on the most effective strategies, maximizing ROI.

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Through a data-driven and multi-channel marketing approach, our agency successfully achieved a 158% return on advertising spend (ROAS) for HerbalHealth, an online herbal supplement retailer. By implementing audience segmentation, targeted search engine and social media advertising, remarketing campaigns, landing page optimization, and continuous performance tracking, we achieved significant growth in revenue and brand visibility for the herbal brand in just three months. The case study demonstrates the effectiveness of a tailored and well-optimized digital marketing strategy in achieving remarkable results for an online retailer in a competitive market.

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