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7 Ways to Get More Out of WhatsApp Business

7 Ways to Get More Out of WhatsApp Business

To make the most of your WhatsApp Business account, leverage the many tools available to business owners and marketers. You can access the available tools by clicking the three dots in the upper right of the WhatsApp Business home screen.

Update Your WhatsApp Business Profile

Have your services or hours of operation changed? Keep customers in the loop by updating your WhatsApp Business profile. Tap Business Profile to share details about your company, ranging from business hours to contact details.

Share Broadcasts and Status Updates

Do you have news to share with your customers? Open the status tab to create an update that anyone can see. Alternatively, create a broadcast to message select customers directly.

Create a WhatsApp Catalog

Do you sell products or services online? Tap Catalog to set them up in WhatsApp Business. Then tap Add New Item and add the name, description, price, and image. Repeat the process until you’ve uploaded your entire catalog.

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Once you create a catalog in WhatsApp Business, users can see it in your profile, where they can browse or purchase items. Alternatively, you can share a direct link to the catalog in- or outside of WhatsApp.

Set Up an Away Message

Social media users expect prompt responses. Nearly 80% want a reply within 24 hours, while nearly 40% want to hear back from you in an hour. If you aren’t prepared to be online around the clock, create an away message to set expectations for customers.

In your message, clarify when users can expect a response. Then specify the timeframe when you want WhatsApp to send the message as an automatic response.

Write a Greeting Message

To give new prospects a warm welcome, you can also set up an automated greeting message. Then you can choose whether to send the message to select contacts only or to every new user who contacts your business.

Create Quick Replies

As customers ask questions and make purchases via WhatsApp, you can expect to have a lot of similar conversations. To save time and keep responses consistent, create quick replies in your WhatsApp Business account. To send quick replies to customers, all you have to do is type the shortcut.

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Label WhatsApp Conversations

If your Facebook ad campaign is successful, you’re likely to receive a lot of messages. To keep them organized, use WhatsApp Business’ color-coded labeling system. You can create as many custom labels as you like and then add them to relevant conversations.

For example, you might create labels for prospects at different stages of the sales funnel. You might also label customers whose orders you need to ship or those who need additional follow-ups.


If your customers are already chatting on WhatsApp, this messaging app could be a valuable destination for your business. By setting up your WhatsApp Business account and running Facebook ads to WhatsApp, you can start connecting with customers at scale and meeting your business goals more effectively.

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