Work With A Video Marketing Agency You Can Trust

Work With A Video Marketing Agency You Can Trust

According to lemon light, statistics on video marketing are impressive and form part of the new trends of digital marketing in 2022.

70% of consumers reported having shared a brand’s video.

72% of businesses also reported that video marketing improved their conversion rates.

Video will replace static assets and become the cornerstone of all marketing campaigns,says global marketing consultant Tim Parkin

Video marketing is on the rise, as the number of mobile phone users rises, and the ease of filling data on sales pages on mobile screens.

Video is going to be important in 2022.” And You most probably already know that.

However, say that the amount of options we’ll get is increasing.

If you are already investing in video, you can start preparing to use it in new ways.

Video Action Campaign on YouTube

YouTube Video Action Campaign

In October 2021, Google announced that video action campaigns will automatically include YouTube-connected TV placements.

This is another way for brands to expand their reach.

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