Top 7 Straight Steps to Writing Hypnotic Headlines

Top 7 Straight Steps to Writing Hypnotic Headlines

Claude Hopkins made clear the importance of headlines when he wrote: “The salesman is there to demand attention. He cannot well be ignored. The advertisement can be ignored. But the salesman wastes much of his time on prospects whom he never can hope to interest…

The advertisement is read only by interested people who, by their own volition, study what we have to say. The purpose of the headline is to pick out people you
can interest.”

Did that catch your attention? It sure caught mine because it is the simple – plain truth! If you are wondering how to get it done, here’s how to become hypnotic with your headlines.

=> Identify The Ideal Prospect

The very first thing is to wake up the wizard in you. Yes, you can do it. Try to visualize what your ideal prospect would like to hear.

A simple step is to objectively put yourself in their shoes. Another good way to do it, is to visit forums, peculiar to what you have in mind and see headlines that people use to describe what you have in mind.

Since they used it – they’ve just told you how to catch their attention – simple!


=> Promise One Big, Resounding Benefit

Follow up immediately on step 1 by turning your findings into one BIG, strong hooking, totally irresistible headline that promises a “fire cracker” benefit that just can’t be ignored.


=> Create Interest With Your Headline

This one is just a twist – that can be worked into your headline to produce a “stand-still” effect. For instance, you can generate interest by using a statement of fact guaranteed to appeal to basic human emotions and which the subconscious mind can easily
react to.


=> Use Mini-Headline Clips To Nudge Forward

Follow up your headline closely with a knock-out “Mini-Clip” headline that nudges forward into the rest of your story. It is done all the time and it works.

The function is simple. As soon as your BIG headline catches them, don’t let them re-gain their senses. “Finger” the brain some more with another dangerous hooking sentence – a “Mini Headline” that drags them on.


=> Use The News Style

Did you see the paper today? What about yesterday? If you did not buy – which I am almost certain you did, you looked!

Why? The headline! Go out right now and start buying them. Learn the secret of the “News Style Headlines'” and start using them pronto!


=> Be Daring!

That is just the word. Know what you have to offer and be daring in making noise about it. That’s the secret. Make declarations which you are sure you can BACK-UP in a daring way.


=> Throw In A Big “YOU”

Never make it about “I” instead throw all your weight into making it about “YOU”. The reader should instantly see something in it for HIM.

If he doesn’t, he’ll look the other way without a back-ward glance.

7 simple and quick steps that work like a charm and they produce only one result. They create hypnotic effects.


Chris AnThony is a Direct Response Marketer & Copywriter

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He has written copy for dozens (probably hundreds) of promotions online and offline.

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He’s written sales copy for a number of “big name” marketers around the globe for a number of different markets, products and services — including (but not limited to): physical information products; “high-ticket” seminars; snoring aids; anti-wrinkle cream; diet aids; language courses; self-development products; investment opportunities; financial trading services; software; eBooks; expensive mentoring and coaching programmes; business opportunities; and so on and so forth.


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