Top 7 Quick Tips For Making Money Fast

Top 7 Quick Tips For Making Money Fast

Everybody needs to make some more money and this is independent of religion, colour or geographical location. Here are a few tips to help you make money or if you’d like more money tomorrow if you are in one of those tight fixes and wondering what to do.

1. Sell Your Idea

If you are the kind of person who generates lots of ideas per second, then it is my bet that you already have some ideas right now which you have developed but cannot follow through just because you do not have enough money to field it or are just plain afraid.

Why not just package this idea and sell it fast to someone else. If it’s a good deal, you can even get a commission of total profits made from the idea. That way you can raise money to advance other equally good ideas.


2. Identify Your Expertise & Leverage Them

If you look closely at yourself, you will discover a whole lot of things that you can leverage for cash fast with very little planning. Say for instance, you know a lot about website design, you can just go out tomorrow and offer to do websites for local businesses in your area. If you are a graphic artist, you can check freelance sites online and complete jobs for people. It is all about knowing what you are really good at, finding someone who needs something done in that area and just completing the task for cash.

If you can make small crafts, hand-made cards, turn beads in jewels etc, now is the time to start. By tomorrow, you can start selling.


3. Sell What You Do Not Need

Loosely speaking, 90% of things you have not used or remembered you have in the last 90days (3months) are things you can do without and when sold, you won’t miss. Check around your home for items you no longer have need for; clothes, books, antiques etc and sell them fast to raise cash.


4. Do Something for The Neigbours

Ok, you’ve got to make money fast. Why don’t you think of something you can do for some cash in the neighbourhood. Paint, walk the dog(s), bartending, shop for others etc


5. Your Church

Offer to do something at a fee to church members and return 50% of everything back to the church as a contribution towards a certain project. Get going, speak to the church leaders today about something valuable you can offer and tomorrow, you can start getting paid for it.

Of course, if you are a regular in church this works beautifully.


6. Take Surveys

If you know of surveys where you are paid for your opinion, take them and get paid.


7. Spare Room – Rent It

If you are in a place where apartment sells fast and you have some not in use, rent out and get paid. This also goes for stuff you have which can be rented out. For instance in my part of the world, you could rent out plates, spoons and stuff to people having parties.


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