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Top 10 small business ideas to start with low investment

Top 10 small business ideas to start with low investment

1- Food Truck business idea

This hitherto unknown trend is becoming rapidly popular in all metro cities. Setting up a food truck business requires minimal licensing from authorities. The vehicle and commissary equipment costs between $25,000 to $500,000. Other expenses involved are on food products and raw materials.

2- Catering services

Marriages, birthdays and other occasions are celebrated with feasts. Hence, the year-round demand for good catering services. To get into this business idea, you will have to invest in commissary (kitchen) equipment and hire good chefs and a catering crew.

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3- Event organizer

Nowadays, even small events such as weddings and company parties enlist the services of event organizers. This is a rather intricate business idea since you have to offer solutions that cater to every need of the entity holding the event.

4- Glamour photography

Everyone wants glamorous looking pictures. Those with an eye for detail and creative mind can offer glamour photography services. This can be a fairly expensive business idea since it requires very high resolution camera and other related equipment. You will also have to hire a studio or open your own.

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5- Plants nursery

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The main expense for opening this flourishing business is the space. However, there are countless customers for garden and indoor plants, gardening accessories, potting soil and fertilizers, which add to your profits.

6- Freight forwarding

With a fairly good-sized warehouse and some knowledge, freight forwarding is something you can consider. It is fairly easy yet quite lucrative. Individuals and companies will both patronize your services.

7- Plastic recycling business

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Recycling is a business that gets several benefits from the government since it aims at environmental protection. A small plastic recycling unit can be opened with an investment of about $50,000.

8- Frozen meat stores

Often referred to as ‘cold stores’ in India, frozen meat stores stocks products that are not easily found in the market. Yet, their products such as pork ham, bacon and salami as well as cocktails and pork sausages are in huge demand.

9- Coffee shop business idea

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A street-side coffee shop is a welcome sight to everyone in India. Admittedly, you will compete with some of the big players in the market. However, with some ingenuity and proper pricing, you will not face any dearth of customers.

10- Stationery retail

Selling stationery is the safest business idea that you can opt for with an investment of about $30,000. Everyone needs stationery- from junior Kindergarten students to offices and large corporate houses. Stationery does not have any expiry dates, meaning your merchandise lasts longer.

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