Top 10 Reasons Why Men Cheat

Top 10 Reasons Why Men Cheat

It is a painful situation, but men cheating on women is a common scenario around the world. No matter which country it happens in or how the man cheated, the woman will always and still be at the losing end. Most women find this hard to understand as in their eyes, they had done everything they could to save a relationship or make it better. Sometimes, however, women can still overlook certain things that may trigger or cause men to cheat on them.

So what are the top ten reasons why men cheat on their spouse?

1. The woman is being excessively clingy.

If there’s one thing men hate, it’s clingy women. While it’s okay to depend on your man for some things, it is totally not good for your image to completely attach yourself to him, so much so that you suffocate him and make him feel like you are restricting his activities. Men like to feel that they are still able to enjoy and do what they like (so long as it doesn’t involve anything that will hurt you!) even in a relationship, and so as soon as you go 24/7 on them, they clam up and they will close themselves to you.


2. The woman is not looking after her physical appearance.

This may seem slightly shallow, but it is also true that if your physical appearance lacks the same effect it used to have on your man, there are some men who lose interest in their women, and suddenly see a whole new world of attractive ladies waiting to capture their interest.


3. The woman hates spontaneity.

Sometimes, guys like it if their women are unpredictable. If a woman is constantly stuck or chained to a certain routine, it can get quite boring and men will want out.


4. The woman cheated on him first.

Some guys just cheat out of spite-probably because the woman beat him to it.


5. The woman cannot make him happy anymore.

Guys get tired when they feel like they don’t feel the same chemistry that used to exist in the relationship.


6. The woman is too dominant in the relationship.

Men like to be in control of the relationship, so when a woman tries to dominate, it hurts his ego. Eventually, the relationship will spiral out of control and this could lead the man to cheat and look for a woman who is more his type.


7. The woman is the jealous and immature type.

Men hate women who are overly jealous, as this indicates a lack of trust on the woman’s part.


8. The woman doesn’t love him anyway.

This applies to casual relationships and those that are not dating exclusively.


9. They see no future with their women.

If a man sees a woman as short-term fling, he will eventually cheat on her.


10. They really, truly fall in love.

The most painful reason of all is that your man may have fallen head over heels in love with someone else.

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