While I have achieved a huge amount of success in a very short period of time, I’ll be the first to
tell you that Internet Marketing is not as easy as everyone makes it out to be and almost no one
will give you the reality of what it really takes to develop a full time income online.

I wrote this Report due to the amazing amount of questions I’ve received as to how I achieved
my success when so many do not.

While I will never claim to know everything about Internet Marketing, I can tell you that most
everyone getting started makes these 5 mistakes (believe me I made them too).

Once I corrected these mistakes I started seeing a huge increase in response from my marketing
and more importantly my income increased drastically as well.

Internet Marketing, like any other industry, is just all about ‘what works’. While I can’t
describe to you in this Report everything that ‘works’, I can tell you that if you correct these 5
mistakes you will be building a solid foundation for years to come.

You will also be ahead of 95% of other marketers and competition for your related business
opportunity or product.

Ready to get started? Of course you are!



This is by far the biggest Mistake I see people do when they want to sell or promote a product
or business opportunity online. They simply just do not want to ‘get themselves out there’ or
let anyone get to know them.

This is a huge and crucial Mistake!

People will always buy from someone they like, trust, and more importantly can find a
connection or identify with. This will always be the truth when someone buys anything online.

If you are not allowing your customers or your prospects to get to know you and that you are a
real life human being just like they are, then you will certainly have NO success in online
marketing whatsoever.

This is the reason why Video Marketing is so hugely beneficial in Online Marketing, it allows
anyone viewing the video to get to know you personally.

If you want big sales online, then bridge the connection between your prospect on the other
side of the computer screen looking at your content as much as possible. This is accomplished
by you yourself educating and talking to the prospect like a real life human being, as if you were
face to face.

I’ve always treated my online prospects or customers just the same as if they
were in my living room, my results speak for itself!



You cannot have big success online by using your company’s replicated website given to you
when you became a partner, distributor, or affiliate selling their business/product. They just
don’t work for big success online.

You have to create YOUR OWN STORY with the product/opportunity you are promoting. This
is impossible to do with a company replicated website.

Company replicated websites most always do nothing in letting your prospect or potential
customer get to know the person they are buying from, so don’t use them if you want big
success online.

Making a great personalized website that features you and tells your story converts about 100x
more than any company website.

Being unique and setting yourself apart from the competition is the number 1
key to success in marketing any online product or business opportunity.


Be unique if you want a unique income!



This is one of the most crucial mistakes I see from people wondering why they are not getting
the results they want.

Unfortunately a lot of people sign up into an affiliate marketing program or get started selling
online and just simply do not treat it like a business.

They do not consistently work towards a goal or have any idea or goal of where they want their
business to go, so therefore there is no expectation of the business doing anything.

This is a ‘playing around’ type of mentality that will get you nowhere in Online Marketing. If
you want your business to grow, you have to treat it like a business and be accountable to
yourself, each and everyday, and to make a commitment to working your business.

Online Marketing is work like anything else in life, and money will never magically fall into your
lap without you putting the ‘work’ into your business.

The life of freedom and the ‘internet lifestyle’ will only come after you putting an incredible
amount of consistent hard work into your business.

How much you are able to ‘grind’ and how much you want it will be the sole factor in how your lifestyle is determined later. This is the absolute truth.

What personally skyrocketed my own businesses(es) was setting goals each month and writing
down tasks each day on a large desktop calendar.

I would personally write down each task and mark through when I completed each task that day.

When all tasks were completed I would then make a giant red X for that day.

This is awesome and motivating over time and trains your subconscious mind to be accountable
to your goals online.

‘Treat your business like a business, it will pay you like a business. Treat your business like a
hobby, it will pay you like a hobby.’



In my opinion this the biggest reason why most fail online. If you cannot focus on your
business and completely disregard the huge amount of garbage and hype that is being
thrown at you constantly about the ‘next greatest program’ or ‘greatest product ever’ you
will absolutely have zero success in your online marketing.

You will jump from program to program to product to product and you will never make a dime
with any. In fact if you are reading this, you’ve probably guilty of this already.

Focus is so absolutely crucial because the Internet itself is nothing but a huge distraction
through various forms of social media, search results, and other time wasting unproductive

This is also referred to as ‘shiny object syndrome’ and this is a condition to where an individual
is easily distracted by ‘shiny objects’ popping up around them. Unfortunately the Internet is full
of these shiny objects and should be avoided at all costs.

Get out of this habit now or forever be doomed in Online Marketing. In fact get into the
process of completely tuning everything else OFF whatsoever when doing any kind of work
regarding your business while online.

That means NO facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, or whatever time wasting site you fall
prey to when you get online to work on your business.

I never pay attention nor have I ever paid attention to what ‘anyone else is doing’ frankly
because it is too distracting and also because I don’t care. I’m too laser focused on what I’m
doing and building tons of original content related to my market.

That is why I completely dominate any market I get involved with and if you want to make
serious money online, you HAVE TO LEARN TO FOCUS.



When first starting out or going through the process of learning a new skill, we always tend to
compare ourselves to the masters of that skill.

I find this unfortunate because people get very discouraged even before they even allow
themselves to get started.

While it’s always good to have a ‘model’ or someone you want to emulate, it’s not good to
unrealistically expect the same kind of success as someone who has been doing this for much
longer time period than you and has achieved success through much persistence and hard

The worst thing you can do in this industry is put too much stress on yourself for not making a
big income very quickly, most anyone credible in the industry has made their success through
a lot of trial and error, and they most never had success overnight.

We all started somewhere, and if you are just beginning know that Internet Marketing takes
time to learn just like anything else, some have success faster than others but that’s ok
because this is not a race.

Don’t compare yourself to someone that makes over 10k monthly when you’ve yet to make
your first dollar.

Rome was not built in a day and neither are huge incomes from an online business, no matter
what anyone else ‘hypes’ you or tells you.

Instead of comparing yourself to a top marketer, it’s much better just to listen intently on what
they are trying to tell you and teach you, learn and most importantly take ACTION.

Your ability to TAKE ACTION, more than any other ability whatsoever, will determine how
quickly or how slowly you have success, and this is the absolute truth in this industry, no
matter what anyone else will tell you.



Well that’s it. Believe it or not these are the only 5 Mistakes you’ll need to create a large
income online. No matter what anyone else says it’s really that simple.

It’s been said that there is a 95% failure rate in online marketing/network marketing/internet
marketing and after my 1st very successful year in this industry, these 5 mistakes are the biggest
cause of that failure rate from what I’ve seen and by personally referring close to 1,000 people
into my online business.

What I didn’t mention within these 5 Mistakes but is also absolutely crucial in your success
online is simply the mindset of what you believe you are capable of.
Mindset is EVERYTHING.

We all have garbage floating around in our head telling us that ‘we are not good enough’ ‘don’t
deserve it’ ‘success is for those other people’ ‘they just know how to do that stuff’ and other
types of ridiculous thought patterns that will do everything to keep us broke and just getting by.

This is why it’s so crucial to start now reversing your mindset and start believing your success
will not only happen, but will happen and bend the universe to your will.


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