The Step By Step Process For Relocating To Canada

The Step By Step Process For Relocating To Canada And Become A Permanent Resident In 6 – 9 Months​

There is a new (and legal) method of relocating to Canada that I think more people who desire to relocate should know about.

Unlike the immigration methods you have probably heard about, this new method is straightforward and fast and you can be in Canada within 6-9 months after applying.

The best part is that:

  • It does not require that you have a high IELTS score (5.0 is okay)
  • You only require 12 months previous work experience to get a job
  • Age does not matter (as long as you are under 55 years old)
  • Only 2 years post secondary education required e.g. OND

If you think this sounds too good to be true, then you are not alone.

That is exactly what I thought too when ​I discovered this new immigration program around February this year.

 I couldn’t write about it because I don’t trust the generalized information on Google.

I had to wait until I was able to get verified details about this from an immigration expert in Canada before publishing this article.

As we all know, Canada is the number one country many people want to relocate to.

And this is understandable.

Who doesn’t want to live in a country where they don’t have to worry about water or electricity or good roads?

A country where there is 100% free and standard healthcare, where kids can grow up in a working system.

A country where people can sleep with their eyes closed (Canada is the safest country in the world) with a very low unemployment rate.

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Of course, many people who applied early have successfully relocated to Canada over the last few years and are already enjoying their new life.

But a lot of people who would like to relocate are still struggling because they are unable to meet up with the bottleneck requirements of the Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Programs.

​But this new program removes most of these limitations.

It allows you to relocate to Canada without the need to have very high IELTS score, without the need for a proof of funds and without the need for you to have a sponsor in Canada?

This NEW program is called the Rural and Northern immigration pilot program.

It was launched in the first quarter of 2019 by the Canadian government and officially opened by Nov. 2019.

According to Daniel Ola (a certified Immigration consultant living in Canada), this program is straightforward and fast .

And you can be in Canada within the next 6-9 months.

Other outstanding benefits of the Rural and Northern immigration pilot program are:

  • It does not require high IELTS score (5.0 is okay)
  • You get a job almost immediately
  • Only 12 months previous work experience required.
  • Age does not matter (as long as you are under 55)
  • No proof of funds required.
  • Only 2 years post-secondary education required e.g. OND
  • Not based on points (like Express Entry)

​So, you might be thinking:

Why is this Rural & Northern Immigration Program Easier?

As you probably know, Canada is a very big country.

Right now, most of the immigrants who enter Canada via the Express entry and Provincial nominee programs choose to live in certain cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver etc

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As a result, they have a lot of towns with low population and they want to fill them.

So, the Canadian government created this rural and northern program so that they can encourage more people to settle in these towns.

And the BIG thing is that they will even give you a permanent resident visa which is huge.

A Canadian permanent resident visa gives you access to a lot of benefits.

But the greatest among them is the fact that within 3 years, you and your family can apply for and become a Canadian citizen. Then you can live anywhere in Canada.

But Then, How Real Is This Information?

Right now, there is little information about this rural and northern immigration program online because it is new.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this article, I learnt about this in February but couldn’t write about it because I needed to verify the details.

The only person who was able to help me verify these details is Mr. Daniel Ola, the certified immigration consultant I mentioned earlier (he moved his family to Canada 3 years ago)

He has created a step by step blueprint mainly for people who want to quickly start taking advantage of this new route to Canada (before everyone begins to rush it)

His immigration blueprint takes you through a step by step process that any body can use to successfully relocate to Canada via the Northern and Rural immigration pilot program.

The blueprint will also guide you from start to finish until you get your Permanent resident card without paying any agent in the process.


Inside his Blueprint, you will also learn…

  • How to get a Canadian phone number while in your country
  • How to pass the IELTS exam (You only need at least 5.0)
  • How to get a job from one of the participating communities while you are still in your country
  • How to get a community recommendation.
  • How to get a medical and police report.
  • How to prepare for life in Canada.

The good thing is that – Even with the Covid-19 crisis, you can start to work on relocating so that by the time the crisis is over, you will be set to move or almost ready.

All you have to do is – follow the information in Daniel Ola’s Northern and Rural immigration blueprint and you will soon get your permanent resident visa before late comers begin to rush for the same thing.

If you are interested, you can click this link to get his blueprint for a discount.

In case you are thinking, can’t I get all this information from Google?

You can try. But I can assure you that you will only up wasting your time and money in the process.

That is because there is a lot of generalized information on Google and they are not personalized.

Mr Daniel Ola’s Rural & Northern immigration blueprint is specifically created for Nigerians by a Nigerian like you who used to live here.

Click here to get his blueprint at discount.

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