The 3 types of clients you should NEVER work with

The 3 types of clients you should NEVER work with

So many online gurus only talk about ‘getting leads.’

And sure, leads are the lifeblood of any business.

But you don’t just want lots of leads …

You want the right leads.

Because if you’re getting clients who drag you down and make you miserable?

Well, that’s no way to run a business.

So here are the 3 types of clients you should NEVER work with:

Type 1: The Soul-Sucker.

The soul-sucking client complains about everything.

Whatever you do, it isn’t good enough.

Your program is either too advanced … Or not advanced enough.

They claim they’ve ‘heard it all before,’ despite never getting results.

And they’re the kind of person you wake up thinking about every morning, for all the WRONG reasons.

Type 2: The Endless-Asker.

These guys don’t stop asking questions.

They’d rather send you a 300-word email that takes them 20 minutes to write than spend 5 minutes doing the work.

They want to know the hows and whys behind EVERYTHING.

And they need so much reassurance before doing even the simplest task, that they take up hours of your time every single week.

Type 3: The Nightmare Know-It-All

In some respect, these guys are good, because they take action.

On the other hand, they often just don’t listen, and go off and do their own thing.

Leaving you to pick up the pieces when things go wrong.

They watch your training at double speed …

Don’t attend Q&As because they “know it all already” …

And always think their way is best.

Having just one or two of these clients in your program at any one time can make your life seriously stressful.

And unfortunately, this is a very common reality when you just focus on generating as many leads as you can.

That’s why, at Wealth Ideas Agency, while we do help our clients get lots of leads …

We make sure they’re the right ones.

AKA: clients who are happy to:

  • Pay a premium price
  • Show up and do the work
  • Be engaged and curious, but don’t bombard you with endless questions and second guess the process.

When you have a program full of these types of clients, work doesn’t feel like work.

And you can focus on getting every single person a transformational outcome, rather than spending your days babysitting one or two ‘problem children.’

So look, if you want ‘lots of leads,’ there are plenty of ways to go about that.

But if you want lots of perfect-fit leads … or high-quality leads

The kind of guys you’d happily grab a coffee or beer with …

And who gives you energy, rather than take it away …

Click the button below, to book a free consultation with us now

let’s help you build that kinda business, starting today.

To your success;


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