Quick Crazy Cash Strategies: How To Generate Cash On Demand

Quick Crazy Cash Strategies: How To Generate Cash On Demand

Quick Crazy Cash Strategies: How To Generate Cash On Demand

A lot of people think the QCC (Quick Crazy Cash) strategies I teach are only for the purpose of generating emergency cash alone.

If you only use these QCC strategies to set up cash machines that give you emergency cash, then you are just going to end up leaving a lot of cash on the table.

Let me explain better.

Let’s say you want to raise N500,000 for something important.

Maybe it is to pay for a piece of land.

Or to travel abroad.

Or your children school fees

Or to make a down payment for a car.

Or maybe to just keep it in the bank.

So, you follow the Quick Crazy Cash Strategies I will be showing you.

  • You find and create a good product to promote online that pays you N5000 or upwards per sale.
  • You do a good study of the product and you come up with a good angle to promote it.
  • You create a quality lead magnet to give away in order to attract people who are most likely to buy the product.
  • You create a landing page or pay someone to create it for you. This landing page page gives away the lead magnet you created.
  • Finally, you go online to get traffic from Facebook or any of the other sources I will mention.

So, let’s say you got results like the ones below after 10 days of starting the campaign.

Total clicks from your Facebook advert – 5,000 clicks at 0.07 per click ($350 or N70,000)

Total number of signups for your lead magnet – 2,200 subscribers

Total sales after 10 days – 112 sales

That is 112 sales x N5000 = N560,000

If you subtract N70,000 spent on advert from N560,000, that will be a net profit of N490,000.

Of course, I am not saying you will get results like this exactly. The results you will get will be different from this based on your approach.

But the main thing is that…now you have

– 2200 people who are your subscribers

– 112 customers

If you now take your profit of N490,000 and go away thinking you have achieved a lot, I feel sorry for you because a good portion of the 2200 subscribers who did not buy from you within the first 10 days are still going to buy something later on in the future.

Even the 112 customers that bought are more likely to buy other things because they have bought before.

This could be huge for you.

There is a campaign I ran about 2 years ago and it got about 5,000 subscribers and 350 customers.

I made a quick N1.2m from the campaign within 30 days.

If I had stopped doing anything else about that campaign, it would have been dormant.

But what I did was to create monthly promotions to those 5000 subscribers and those monthly promotions made about N300,000 consistently.

That is about N3.5m in 2 years without spending any money on advertisement.

That is why I am trying my best to ensure that you actually understand how to sell stuffs online using these QCC strategies.

Personally, I invest a lot on a monthly basis on various training and tools from other QCC experts to develop these “cash on demand” strategies.

The strategies are the most important.

The tools are only there to implement the strategies.

When I say tools, I am talking about:

– Your website

– Your autoresponder

– Your tracking system

– And other tools that make your cash system run effectively.




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