In Nigeria, a lot of people don’t value you when you tell them that you are an information marketer because something about the culture does not value sharing knowledge…especially when you tell them that it’s your business.

People around here will value someone who imports goods and sell than an author.

Our successful businessmen and politicians don’t write books to share useful information with others. Even though I am not a multi-millionaire, I am proud for sharing the little knowledge that I have with other people to help in enhancing their lives…and I am also proud of every SINCERE Nigerian information marketer out there.

More importantly…thanks to the white people who openly share their experience and knowledge with us. Folks like Donald Trump, Dan Kennedy, Brian Tracy, Late Zig Ziglar and all the internet/ direct marketing guys that I learnt from. I learnt 95% of what I know about business, marketing and self development from books, training and courses created by white guys.


My point is…guys, feel free and confident to create information materials to share your true knowledge that will help someone out there no matter how small it is. if all you know is how to start and operate a barbing salon from scratch, create a training to sell it to other interested people. This is how the great nations developed.

Write a book…

Create a short report…

Organise a seminar

Create a home study course

Create video tutorials

While a lot of people are still looking up to the Government and the school system to help them out, you and I know that the school system can no longer handle the changes and information we need these days.

– Where did you learn web programming?
– Where did you learn to start a business online?
– Where did you learn time management?
– Where did you learn effective public speaking?
– Where did you learn effective leadership?
– Where did you learn how to network?
– Where did you learn how to sell?

My guess is that it is likely not from school.

So, get out there and share your advice, knowledge and expertise with other Nigerians. Learn how to market it. You will make a lot of money doing so BUT more importantly, you will improve the lives of so many people and that my friend, is where you get the most benefit – which is happiness.


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