How To Use Questions To Get The Results You’re After

How To Use Questions To Get The Results You’re After

To Increase Your Income


What could I do to immediately make more money? 


What knowledge do I have that others would gladly pay for? 


What skills could I learn that would immediately increase my income? (certainty, ease, time-frame) 


What assets do I already possess that could be converted into income?


What single thing that I currently don’t know/own/have that if I got would most dramatically increase the money I make? 


Who could I partner with that already had what I was missing and what could I provide that would make it appealing? 


What are my three most profitable activities and how can I spend more time doing them? 


What daily actions would definitely increase my income? 


What do the most successful people I know do each day to grow their income? 


What are the specific income-generating activities of the most successful people in my industry? 


How can I generate more income from the activities I’m already performing?


To Grow Your Business


What skill-set is my business currently missing that if we had we’d immediately make more money?


Where could I find someone to hire with that skill set? 


What campaigns have been successful in the past that we could recycle and use today with minimal effort? 


What products, programs, or services have we successfully offered in the past, that we could redeploy quickly? 


What represents our biggest opportunity to increase profits right now? 


What three metrics are most important to growing my business?

o How can I focus on them more frequently?

o What actions can I take to improve each one of them? 


How can we attract and retain the most talented and growth-minded employees? 


What would it take to leapfrog past our current competitors? 


What’s the big idea behind our business and how can we better communicate it? 


What are the bottlenecks currently holding us back, and how can they be eliminated? 


What would be the easiest way to increase the lifetime value of our customers or clients? 


How can we better align our goals with those of our customers? 


What campaigns/activities/actions are being used by the most successful companies in my industry? 


What additional lead-generation channels can we add to our current pipeline? 


What could I offer our current customers that they’d gladly purchase? 


What are all the potential markets where we could find joint venture partners? 


What could I do/offer to get someone with a large affiliate base to get their affiliates promoting for us?


To Improve Your Life

What currently is frustrating in my life and how can it be eliminated or fixed? 


What’s my biggest personal problem right now and what’s the easiest, fastest and most permanent way it can be solved? 


What currently brings me the most pleasure, and how can I experience it much more frequently? 


What am I most proud of, and what do I need to do to have a lot more of it in my life? 


What change could I make that would bring me the greatest amount of happiness? 


What activities make me happy and how can I do them more frequently?


What do I currently look forward to most, and how can I have it in my life with greater frequency? 


What have I been avoiding that if I finally took care of I’d feel a lot better?

What would I need to do to do that? 

When will I do it? 


What am I currently doing that wastes my time and provides little to no real enjoyment? 

How can they be eliminated? 

What should I replace them with? 


What actions if done daily would accelerate my progress towards my ideal future? 


What will get me out of bed every morning bursting with the desire to get to work and how can I make it a reality? 


If I could improve one area of my life, what area would that be and how would I improve it? 


If I had no fear, what would I attempt to achieve that I’m currently not pursuing? 


How would I describe the ideal, perfect day? 


How do I define success? 


What are the values I most appreciate and admire in others? 


How would I want to be described/talked about at the end of my life? 


If I was guaranteed success, what would I attempt to achieve with my life?


To Improve Your Personal Performance

How can I be more consistent in my daily performance? 


What are my top three responsibilities and how can I improve my performance in each of these areas? 


How can I structure my day so it’s optimally designed to get my most important tasks done early? 


What morning routine would start my day off in the best possible manner?


When I have excelled in my performance in the past and what can I learn from those experiences and apply today? 


What routine tasks could I simplify, create templates for, or automate? 


Should I delegate more? 


And if so, what should I delegate and to whom should I delegate to? 


What are my unique strengths and talents?

o How can I spend more time leveraging them? 


What about my work am I most passionate about?

o How can I spend more time working on those things?


What new skill would help me fully exploit my potential? 


Who do I admire the most?

o What is it I admire about them?

o How can I be more like them in this area? 


Why am I not more productive right now? 


What can I do to naturally boost my energy, and maintain a high level of energy, throughout the day?


To Improve Your Marketing Performance

What do our best customers or prospects have in common?

o What are the best places to find more of them?

o What other places could we find them that are currently overlooked? 


What are our customers really buying when they buy from us?

o How can we better leverage that insight? 


What’s the single biggest impediment to boosting my productivity and how can I better address it? 


What do my prospects and customers really care about? 


What can I do to gain more attention in our marketplace? 


How can I convey more credibility to our prospects and customers? 


What additional proof elements can I add to my marketing? 


What are my prospects and customers biggest fears? 


What are my prospects and customers biggest complaints? 


What are the top three benefits my prospects and customers want from a company like mine? 


What makes my product offering superior to my competitors? 


How can I make our main product offer more irresistible? 


How can I make our main product’s risk-reversal offer more exciting?


To Increase Your Focus


How do I define focus in my life? 


What are the ramifications I’m experiencing today from a lack of focus? 


Why do I think I’m not as focused as I could be? 


What are my three biggest distractions, and how can I eliminate them (or decrease them) from my day? 


What can I do today to be more focused?


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