This article is targeted at giving you basic information about starting a mini-importation business in Nigeria with as low as N10,000 only and build it up to a profitable business that can start generating you as much as N100,000 – N300,000 within the next 12months. 2020 is almost getting to an end and there is need to start preparation for 2021 so that you can make it a successful year.

Straight to the point, Mini-importation business has to do with buying goods from abroad and reselling in Nigeria for good profit. Contrary to believe of some individuals that you will need huge capital to start importation business, it’s a lie! With as low as N10,000, you can start mini-importation business in Nigeria. But, the truth be told, the more money you start with, the more profit you shall be generating from mini-importation business. Take for example, you start with N10,000 and imported some goods that you sold and generated 100% profit from. That means you will turn your N10,000 capital to N20,000 only. If i started with N100,000 and i also imported goods that i sold for 100% profit, i will turn my own N100,000 to N200,000. I guess you can spot the difference.

So, it’s adviceable that you start with some reasonable amount of money when setting out. If capital is your challenge, you can start small and build up your capital. By experience, it takes within 30days to receive your imported goods and get them sold and generate your profit from mini-importation business in Nigeria.

There are several websites that are ASIA based and USA based from where you can buy goods from abroad. You need no import license or whatsoever. You need no domiciliary account. All you need to start importing goods from abroad is your ATM CARD (VISA or MASTER) issued by any of our Nigerian banks like GTB, FIRST BANK, DIAMOND BANK, ECOBANK, ZENITH BANK etc. The ATM card is merely needed to make payment for goods we shall buy.

Take for example, one of the common websites where Nigerian mini-importers buy from is When you get to this website, you will have to register with the website (it’s free). Just your email address, name, phone number and some trivia stuffs are needed to get you registered. It’s as simple as registering a facebook account. Once registered, you can start searching on their website for goods you may be interested in. There are several merchants on their website who are representatives of businesses in China. ALIEXPRESS serves as a platform where SELLERS and BUYERS (ME AND YOU) meet and transact business. Aliexpress serves as the middleman and moderator to ensure fair play.

Obviously, you need to have identified the products that are in high demand and which you know people will be interested in buying from you before you even import them from places like aliexpress. Once you are set to order from aliexpress, you will need your bank’s ATM CARD to make payment. They charge your naira ATM CARD in dollars based on the exchange rate for the day from your bank.

When you have paid, your order will be processed within 3days and will be sent via the means of shipping your seller agreed with you and the TRACKING NUMBER of your shipment sent to you for monitoring. Most Nigerians into mini-importation business uses FREE SHIPPING option. This is often slow and take up to 25days before it’s delivered to you in Nigeria via post office but it’s FREE. Options like DHL takes less than 6days to deliver to you in Nigeria but it’s a bit pricey.

When your goods arrive in Nigeria, with some great marketing strategies, you can sell off your goods within a week and cash your profit.

Marketing strategies like:

Facebook Adverts
Selling to shops
Radio Adverts
Tv adverts
Selling to co-workers
Selling to church/mosque members
Selling at large congregations etc

These are some of the strategies deployed to sell off our imported items.

Personally, my target from mini-importation business in 2020 is total sales volume of up to N50,000,000 and profit of over N20,000,000. It all has to do with having strategies and my strategies are already in place. The products i shall sell will go for N25,000 per item and i plan to sell at least 200 pieces per month. My least profit margin from such product after my advertising cost will be like N8,000. So, 200 pieces in a month will generate a profit of around N1,600,000. I do not need your reaction about this because am even reserved with that target. The target is much more than that.

So, my Cousins, mini-importation business is a very lucrative business that any Nigeria can start.

3 Reasons Why I Create This Course

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2. The second reason why I create these trainings is due to what I found out some years ago. That was in 2008 specifically and it has to do with the fact that a large majority of Nigerians struggle endlessly with money JUST because they do not know how to make it.

3. The third reason why I share my knowledge a lot is because I believe that by sharing what I have with others, I am going to attract more prosperity into my own life.

I believe that the more good you give out to people, the more good you get in your own life.

In fact, the late Zig Ziglar who is highly considered as one of the greatest teacher of success in our time says:

Ever since i have been sharing my knowledge with others by giving out great information like this, I have attracted more prosperity to my own life. I had more joy seeing people that learnt one or two things from me calling me or dropping me mails, text messages etc to thank me for what God had used me to do in their lives.
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• Independent Marketing
• Conclusion

importation business guide by wealth ideas


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