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How to Start a Processed Food Business In Your Kitchen

How to Start a Processed Food Business In Your Kitchen

Processed Foods: You can start a food brand in your own kitchen next week!

The potential for your own food brand in Africa is huge, as you will be stepping into Africa‘s fastest growing sectors, agriculture and fast-moving consumer products. Food processing is a powerful combination of those two sectors.

But it‘s getting even better for you: African governments are very eager to boost local value addition (you add value to a raw product through processing and manufacturing processes) and to increase revenues made from exports. With a food production business you will certainly deliver on both counts, which means that you will be tapping into a growing trend that is usually supported by African governments.

Business Concept

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If you have enough money to start a food processing manufacturing plant, it will probably be one of the best business concepts in Africa with great potential. But if you have researched your market and identified a gap, you can even start producing in your own kitchen, as long as you follow easy production concepts.

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Below are several niche ideas that allow you to start producing with basics. We also believe that you will increase your success potential with added creativity that will stand out in the market. For example, instead of jam sell quality French marmalade‘, instead of oats sell organic muesli‘, instead of sandwiches sell lunch kitchen‘ or Indian wraps‘. Be creative too in your packaging!

Niche Ideas

Marmalade or syrups

Peanut butter

Chilly sauces


Tortellini with different fillings

Dry cake or pancake mixtures

Frozen puff pastry ready to use for baking and savory snacks

Mash potatoes


Oats & muesli

Potato chips (frozen French fries)

Ready-made lunches that can be microwaved, such as soups, pasta dishes etc.

Frozen pizzas

Italian or Indian ready-made sauces

Italian pesto

Process traditional food in a way that can be shelved and cooked at greater convenience

Top Countries & Policy Guidance

Food processing will be successful in Africa‘s big cities with a dynamic middle class, professionals who work and are too busy to cook, restaurants and hotels, foreign business people, expatriates and tourists. It is also an excellent product for intra-African trade and export outside of Africa.

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