How To Start A Consultation Business And Make Money

How To Start A Consultation Business And Make Money

How To Start A Consultation Business And Make Money From It


Let’s quickly talk about consultation business today.

One of the very “easy to start” and highly profitable business models is consulting.

But when most people hear consulting, what comes to their mind is a big firm with offices in VI and New York.

Some also think consulting only means working with businesses.


The world has changed my dear

Today, there are thousands of one man consulting businesses all over the world and many of their clients are individuals like you and I.

Many of these modern consultants also do this full time or part time and some make as much as $2m a year

Now, what is consulting?

If you go to Google, you will see the following definition:

Consulting: the business of giving expert advice to other professionals.


That is an old definition

Consulting just simply means – the business of giving expert and helpful advice to individuals, professionals and businesses

If you go by this new definition, you will see that consulting is needed everywhere today

Despite the astounding amount of information on the internet, people need someone to help them with various things and are willing to pay them for it.


Can you help people or businesses with any of the following?

>> Getting a second passport

>> Relocating and settling abroad, getting Permanent Residence in other countries

>> Moving and saving money abroad

>> Helping addicts

>> Social media consulting

>> Helping upcoming artists with Youtube or Internet publicity

>> Consulting for churches who want to grow

The list can be endless

The basic thing is this – If it is a problem that people or businesses really need help with, then you can offer your services to them as a consultant and get paid.

Now, how much you can charge or get paid determines on your packaging and

how you market yourself.

That is a topic for another day but I will just say this:

If you are able to demonstrate to people or businesses that you can really help them, then they will be willing to pay you as much money as they can afford.

It is as simple as that.

Right now, many people have skills and knowledge that they have acquired over the years based on their jobs or life experiences.

If you are sure about the knowledge your posses, you can start a consulting business like right now

All you need is one client.

You can even offer the person or business a free trial to demonstrate what you can deliver for them

Don’t ask me where you can find clients.

There are prospective clients on your Whatsapp contact list, Facebook friends list, Twitter followers etc

You can start from there.

One man who happens to have very deep native medicine knowledge started his by sharing a story on Facebook of how he helped a couple defeat infertility.

I hope I can talk more about this but I have to go now.


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