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How to Start a Birthday Gift Business

How to Start a Birthday Gift Business

Selling birthday gifts can be a lucrative form of business. It can provide you with good source of income. Most of us frequently are short of good birthday gift ideas.

Birthdays are a one-time occasion; hence, most of us prefer to celebrate the birthday with our loved ones, family members and friends. However, with the commencement of online technology you can now send birthday gifts to India by wasting very less amount of time. Internet is a super quick tool which can connect you to the people with the blink of your eyelid. Whether you are on the east side of the globe and you want to unite with people who are on the west side of the globe, it’s simply like a piece of cake.

Regardless of whom the intended recipient is we often end up searching through shopping malls for elusive birthday gift. Unfortunately all these markets seem to stock only the items that falls into three categories which are overpriced, impractical or unsuitable. Selling gifts items online can be very profitable because there are millions of people who go online to find a gift for their loved ones. There are various products present online, however before deciding to sell you need to identify your target audience and find out if there is a potential to sell the products.

Before you decide on what to sell, you need to find out if there is an interest for that product. This can be done easily if your survey the market or search on internet. The more people search for it, more potential audience you will have.

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When it comes to choosing from different items you should always consider whether the item in your mind is suited for your customer. Some of the questions to ask of the prospective gift include, is it in some way useful to them? Can it be economical for the buyer? And perhaps most importantly, is it something that I would like to receive myself? If the gifts meets these criteria and fits within the budget, then chances that the customer will buy are is entirely suitable.

Many people tend to give vouchers or money rather than a physical gift. The reasoning behind this is that it allows the recipient to spend the money as they see fit on a gift that they will surely like. Therefore try considering keeping some vouchers that may be of your shop or of your friend‘s shop whom you have an agreement with on a specific ratio. In this way not only you will be able to sell things out more quickly but also things that you don’t have in your shop. The reality is, once received, vouchers are rather easily dispensed with, and for the recipient it is difficult to relate the fruits of the vouchers to the person.

Personalized or unique gifts are mostly preferred by customers, as they cannot be easily found out in market and will be distinguished from the rest. The best way to sell personalized or unique gifts is to produce handcrafted birthday cards and gifts. Cards can be made by yourself or you can order from independent artisans. Computers and digital designing can also be used in making personalized items for your customer. In addition you may purchase or make envelopes as well as boxes for your gifts which will add unique flavor.

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For your business the key is variety. It is important that your shop should cater all the varieties for every sort of people. Whether the recipient is a man or woman, your business should have variety for both. You should have collection of gifts for mother, father, son, relative, soul mate, wife, brother etc. It should house all sort of items. Gifts item for men mainly include electronic gadgets, DVDs, suits, shoes, sports kits.

In today’s digital era there are many items to choose from. So it is important that your business should cater all these items. Likewise girls usually prefer cloths and dressings. Clothes are all time favorite gifts for girls. Be it a ten year old girl or a middle age woman, there would be no such girl who does not like to receive cloths as gifts, even if she runs a boutique or has an overflowing wardrobe. There is always a wide variety to choose from in clothes that are available for women in the market. Similarly girls also prefer electronic gadgets, so try to keep common gadgets for both boys and girls.

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Beside all, try adding jewelry, toys, hobby stuffs, children and baby products, and decorative items. This will add new dimension to gift item collections. These items can be bought from local market and be kept under one roof that will solve all the problems of customers who roam in different shops in pursuit of variety. Generally people who share some close relations usually prefer expensive gifts regardless to high values. For the people who can’t handle enough burdens of expensive gifts there is always an option of artificial jewelry or carbon copy items of gadgets and decorative, which are less in price as compared to originals.

For running a perfect brithday gift business, it is therefore quite vital that you should house all the products for all kinds of people that includes not only close relatives who can afford expensive gifts, but also those friends who share weak bonds and would go for a budget gift. By this we will have a large list of customers of different ranges. The best idea to get all this material is to shop from wholesale dealers and buy this stock in bulk, which will reduce the cost price eventually.

Initial startup phase:

· designing a dynamic website

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· creating a top-quality product

· implementing a strategic marketing plan.

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