How To Optimize your Youtube Video campaign for more conversions

How To Optimize your Youtube Video campaign for more conversions

A video ad that follows our best practices may see more conversions

You can create a Video campaign that captures the intent of people likely to convert.

When you set up a Video campaign with either the “Sales”, “Leads”, or “Website traffic” goal, you can allow Google Ads to optimize bids for conversions based on the average amount you’re willing to pay (Target CPA), or allow Google Ads to automatically set bids to get you the most conversions within your budget (Maximize conversions).

In this article, you’ll learn tips for optimizing your Youtube Video campaigns for conversions.

Advertisers that follow the best practices for their Video action campaigns drive over 50% more conversions per dollar and see at least 40% higher conversion rates, compared to when they do not follow best practices (Google data, Global, Aug 2020 – Jan 2021).

Set up and launch your Video campaign

Optimize your campaign as you create it

As you create your campaign, you may receive notifications based on your setting selections.

These notifications may alert you of issues that can result in decreased performance or that may be significant enough to prevent you from publishing your campaign.

Conversion tracking

Set up conversion tracking on your website and make sure the global site tag is working properly.

Optimize for lightweight conversion events (such as “add to cart” or “site visit”), and choose a conversion counting option that makes sense for your campaign.

This provides valuable signals to our systems so that you can achieve your desired results faster.


Your budget settings affect how quickly we can optimize your campaign for conversions.

For campaigns using Target CPA bidding, it’s recommended to set a budget that’s at least 15 times your target CPA.

Use the chart below to understand how long it takes to optimize your campaign depending on the current budget.

Budget settingOptimization time
More than 15 times your target CPA7 to 8 days
10 to 15 times your target CPA2 weeks
5 to 10 times your target CPA3 weeks

For campaigns using Maximize conversions bidding, the daily budget should be at least 10 times your expected video CPA.


If you have a video CPA in mind, start with Target CPA bidding. (If you don’t know your video CPA, follow the bid guidance recommendations that appear in Google Ads when setting up your campaign.)

If your primary goal is to drive as many conversions as possible in a seasonal or promotional campaign, start with Maximize conversions bidding.


Start with custom segments (based on search keywords), Customer Matchdata segments, or similar segments. In addition to these audiences, you should opt-in to optimized targeting to show your ads to more people who are likely to convert.

If you’re using custom segments (based on search keywords), use 10-15 of the suggested keywords based on your past conversion performance or your highest converting search keywords.

If you’re using a data segment or Customer Match, pair the segment with a similar segment in the same campaign and stay opted-in to optimized targeting to ensure that audience targeting works on iOS. Learn more about Apple’s changes to user privacy and data use for iOS 14

 Content targeting

Avoid adding content targeting (by keywords, topics, or placements) to your campaign, as this may limit your campaign’s performance. Video campaigns that drive conversions usually perform better without keywords, topics, or placements.


Add sitelink extensions or run multiple creative variants (at least 5 if possible, with a different call-to-action button, headline, or video asset for each creative).

Green checkmark Have a clear call to action: Use phrases like: “Learn more”, “Sign up”, or “Buy now”.
Green checkmark Grab attention from your audience: Captivate people in the first 5-10 seconds of the ad with a problem statement and show how your product or service solves it.
Green checkmark Repeat what you’re offering: Echo the call-to-action in the voiceover or include it in superimposed graphics.

After creating your campaign, monitor the performance for 7-10 days before making optimizations.

Get more conversions

If your campaign is meeting your goals, and you’re seeing at least 5 conversions per day for the last 14 days, follow these best practices to expand the impact of your campaigns.

Run campaigns for at least 4 weeks to gain up to 15% higher efficiency.


If your campaign is constrained by its budget, increase the overall budget. Follow the budget guidance recommendations that appear on the right in Google Ads when setting up your campaign.


Make sure that at least one campaign in your Google Ads account is targeting in-market segments. If your campaign has demographic targeting layered, then remove the demographic segment layering in at least one ad group per campaign.


Enable Google video partners in your campaign settings to capture more conversions efficiently. Google video partners are high-quality publisher websites and mobile apps where you can show your video ads to viewers beyond YouTube.


Use attribution reports to understand your customer’s conversion journey across networks.


Use video experiments to identify your best-performing creative strategies for new creatives and consider optimizing your ads.

Video experiments is a testing tool that allows you to optimize the effectiveness of your video campaigns. With video experiments, you can set up experiments that compare different video ads based on their conversion performance.

 Campaign type

Capture even more conversions by running Discovery campaigns in addition to Video action campaigns.

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