How to Make Your Landing Page Convert Better

How to Make Your Landing Page Convert Better

A landing page is designed with a goal in mind. It could be sales, sign ups or opt ins. There’s always that one thing you want every visitor to do. The percentage of tour visitors that carry out your desired action is your conversion rate.

To ensure that your visitors are convinced to take action, there are a few things your landing page must have.


Below is How to Make Your Landing Page Convert Better:

1. Minimal Text

Ensure that every word on your landing page serves a purpose. Too much fluff and you’ll be getting your visitors bored.

If what you’re selling requires lots of words, consider doing a video for your landing page. This means that your visitors can play the video while they keep scrolling.

2. Have a Clear Call to Action

Anyone who comes to your page should know exactly what you want them to do. Your CTA button should clearly show this.

Also, avoid generic button labels like “Get Started” or “Sign up”. Instead, use more intentional phrases.

3. Have a clear page flow

Never give your readers a reason to feel confused. Anyone who comes to your landing page should know what to do next without contacting you.

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