How to Make A Woman Fall in Love With You

How to Make A Woman Fall in Love With You

Have you always been in love with one woman, and like some unrequited loves, have never had this feeling reciprocated back to you? It can be frustrating to love someone from a distance, so you need to do something about it. You can make this woman fall in love with you without having to change essentially who you are. You may need to alter certain things that will serve for your own self-improvement and betterment, but at the end of the day, it’s about taking that extra step for the woman you love.

Get in touch with your sensitive side.

Unfortunately for most men, a lot of them think that showing their more vulnerable and sensitive side is a sign of being gay. This certainly isn’t true. Women like men who aren’t afraid to show emotion and to tell the truth, rather than those that make them suffer through machismo and pretense. While this is something that is quite important, take this advice with a grain of salt-there IS such a thing as being overly sensitive. Learn how to manage your emotions and when and when not to show them.

Listen to what she has to say.

One of the many problems women have with men is that they don’t seem to listen-like everything flies into one ear and quickly exits through the other. While isn’t always the case, men need to step up and take extra measures to assure women that they are being listened to. Most of the problem comes with genetic differences, as men are programmed to think differently or be interested in other things, but of course, this is not an excuse to quickly zone out when the woman you like starts talking about shopping. If you learn to listen, you might even learn to “listen” to what she is REALLY saying non-verbally.

Show some affection.

One of the main things that differentiate men from women is the female’s love for shows of affection. This can be clearly seen in female friendships where it is common to link arms, hold hands, or randomly hug your friend. For men, this may mean simple touches such as a pat on the back or a side hug for those who are just beginning to get to know each other, or full embraces or spontaneous kisses for those who are getting serious. By physically showing the woman that you love her, she will appreciate you more for showing what you feel.

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