How To Grow Your Business Using Tiktok

How To Grow Your Business Using Tiktok

Some VERY big changes happening in the world of social media right now…

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the influence and effectiveness of Facebook as an ad platform is declining…

while platforms like TikTok are on the rise.

“Hang on, Chris…isn’t TikTok just a bunch of kids?”

I thought so too. Our target audience for our agency is business owners ready for growth, about 30-60 years old, with experience.

They usually run their own business, but need help scaling things online.

NOT the kind of people you would expect to find on TikTok, right?


We are picking up some of our highest-converting leads EVER from TikTok.

Yes, the platform skews younger, but TikTok is growing so fast, that I can virtually guarantee your target audience is there.

And TikTok ads are EXTREMELY easy to create.

It’s literally a 60-second video you shoot right from your phone.

You don’t even need to edit it unless you want to.

Needless to say, we’re making a big investment in TikTok, in both paid ads, and organic.

Some stuff that’s working…

Post DAILY if you possibly can: The best way to do this is in batches.

I’ll bang out 30 TikToks in one sitting.

Then my team edits and posts them to the platform, one each day.

Respond to comments and questions: TikTok makes it very easy to do this – you can even respond to people’s questions in video format, so answering a question becomes a TikTok of its own.

Make your videos a little more polished: Since Wealth Ideas is a high-ticket brand, I try to keep our production quality a little higher than what you usually see on TikTok.

I like to shoot with a DSLR to get that nice blurry background.

Pro Tip: if you don’t have a DSLR camera, the new iPhone 13 has a feature called “Cinematic” that allows you to shoot video from your phone and still get that nice blurry background effect. It’s great.

Audio matters: Strongly advise investing in some kind of external mic.

If your audio quality is lousy, people will skip your videos.

If you want to see more of what we’re doing, follow me over there and you’ll pick up on the strategy quick. 

It’s not that complicated:

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