How To Come Up With A Million-Naira Business Idea in Less Than 10-Minutes

How To Come Up With A Million-Naira Business Idea in Less Than 10-Minutes

How to Come up With a Million-Naira Business Idea in Less Than 10-Minutes –Even if you’ve never sold a product before.


Whenever people come to me or whenever I see them asking questions about the business idea they can go into, I just feel bad.

I mean coming up with a business idea that will be profitable is very simple, it doesn’t take long time.

Look around you right now and take a cursory look at every ‘profitable” successful business you know.

There’s one thing that is common among them.

Can you guess what it is?

Did You answer  “They all make money”?

Well, you are close to the answer I have In mind which I want to share with you that will help you in getting profitable business ideas on the fly.

Here is it:

Every business you know today either SOLVES A PAIN or SATISFIES A PLEASURE/DESIRE.

Reread the above sentence again, this time read it slowly and allow the idea to sink in.

Come with me.

Those are the two things that motivates humans today.


Pain and pleasure.


Humans always wants to avoid pain, they always running away from it

Humans always wants to gain pleasure, they are always running towards it.

So having this at the back of your mind will help you come up with business ideas as easy as snap of a finger.

But how really can that happen?

One thing I see a lot persons do is to start analyzing other peoples life for a pain they are having or a pleasure they are seeking to get.


Its fine to do that anyways but to me is kinda difficult to uncover peoples pain, because they tend to always cover it.

You will see your friend who have a disgusting problem in his or her life, but they wouldn’t let you into it because maybe its embarrassing or they don’t trust you really enough.

That’s the bitter truth.


If you are my friend and you suffer weak erection, will you be proud to tell me about it? Just Say the truth.

What if you are a lady suffering from body odor or vaginal odor, will you let me into that? I doubt, except our closeness is very tight, and those kind of close friends are very hard to find this days you know.

So back to what I was saying, trying to uncover other people’s pain and pleasure can be very difficult and that makes you coming up with a business idea around that is very difficult and almost impossible.

So since that’s the case, what do you do then?


I will tell you.


All you have to do is look into your own personal life right now and pick up one pain that’s frustrating you right now and let’s create a business idea from that.

Yes you heard me right.

Pick up a pain or problem you have.

You can pick either a pleasure you seeking to get or you can pick a pain that you struggling with and will do anything to avoid and take it away from your life.

But between pleasure and pain, I did advice you go for pain because pain motivates more than pleasure.

That’s the honest bitter truth.

I can bet it now that you are presently reading this post now because of a pain you running away from, maybe you want to discover a way you can end money worry pain in your life,


maybe your house rent is expired you looking to find a means to raise money,


maybe your boss at work sucks, you looking to avoid him by resigning from that slavery they calling job, where you go through the pain of answering yes sir yes sir even when you don’t feel like,

or you just want to avoid the pain of opening your pants for any dick and harry before they can help you with money to take care of your needs, I get it, you are in “pain” and you want to do anything to avoid it.

You see that?

Pain motivates more, anytime everytime.

So that’s why I would advise you pick up a pain you have now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t choose a pleasure you want to gain, both works.


Whenever I do this exercise with people, I normally have them listing things like:

I want to learn how to build an internet business but am not techy or don’t have enough capital.

I want downlines and product sales in my network marketing business.

I want to make money but I don’t know how to sell.

I struggle with procrastination, its gradually killing me.

I find school very boring, I want to dropout but my parents wouldn’t allow me because they are afraid I wouldn’t get a good job if I don’t go to school and graduate with good grades.

I want to resign from my job as they don’t pay me enough money and I don’t have time for myself and my family.


I can go on and on listing this frustrating pain I get people telling me about all the time.

But just go through those people’s pain I listed up there, I did tell you that those are million dollar business ideas that one can work on and smile to the bank.


Don’t worry if you don’t get it, I will explain how.



So I don’t get it when complain about their problems and fail to look for a business side to those problems, if you have pepper, you can make peppersoup with the pepper and start selling it, that’s business, offering value for money.


Remember any business you start today, you are going to do it at least come next 3 years, 5 years or even more.


And that is why I love this method of creating a business from a problem you presently have in your life, because you will do it with passion(anger coupled with love).

Those pains in your life right now, you are passionately working towards eliminating it from your life today and that kind of passion is among the major factors that contributes to a business becoming successful.

So you have come up with a pain, what else?

All you have to do now is look for a solution to that pain and that solution is what you will be offering to the market place and that automatically becomes your profitable business.

Believe me when I tell you that there are 1001 other persons who presently have that same pain you have right now and are actively looking for solution to it and once they see a solution, they will gladly pay for it.


Let’s look at how those pains listed above can become a  business for the people having it.


– do you know that so many persons are also having this problem and will pay you handsomely if you can help them get solution by you first getting the solution yourself which is very simple.

So many persons are already doing that and pocketing big money doing that.

I personally make 6 figures monthly doing this.


*I WANT DOWNLINES AND PRODUCT SALES IN MY NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS – I know two persons who are helping network marketers to fix this problem.

I see a lot of network marketers complain to me about this problem almost on a daily basis, two of my friends are making big money doing this.

Do you know how many network marketers that we have who are having this same pain and will pay you hugely to help them fix it?

Discover the solution and sell the solution to others.


*I WANT TO MAKE MONEY BUT I DON’T KNOW HOW TO SELL – I was once with this pain, it consumed me until I met a mentor who helped me with it, now I can now sell literally anything to you and you will beg me to buy.

it was not always like that.

There are million other persons out there struggling with this, all you got to do is learn how to sell by reading up some books and getting some courses on sales, practice and get result and serve multitudes who will pay you to help them learn what you know.

It’s as simple as that, don’t overcomplicate it.

Don’t sit on gold and go about complaining on.


*I STRUGGLE WITH PROCRASTINATION, ITS GRADUALLY KILLING ME – thank god procrastination did not kill me, I can procrastinate alot, gosh and the monster nearly wrecked my life, you think it’s only me?

Think again.

Get the solution to this problem, and people will pay you for it. It’s a lucrative business idea you have as pain here.


*I FIND SCHOOL VERY BORING, I WANT TO DROPOUT BUT MY PARENTS WOULDN’T ALLOW ME BECAUSE THE AFRAID I WOULDN’T GET A GOOD JOB IF I DON’T GO TO SCHOOL AND GRADUATE WITH GOOD GRADES – this person can show the parents that what matters is financial intelligence, understanding how money works not about acquiring paper certificates where they don’t teach you anything about money and you graduate and start carrying paper certificates around.

I’m not here saying that school is bad, but look around you. you definitely will see  “A” students working for “C” or even “F” students, you will see degree holders working for someone with not even a school cert.

If you discover the solution to this, you will make it big helping others and having a profitable business that pays you for life.

Turn a pain to a business.


*I WANT TO RESIGN FROM MY JOB AS THEY DON’T PAY ME ENOUGH MONEY AND I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR MYSELF AND MY FAMILY – if you have this very pain, my question is, do you really know how to earn what you really worth?

If no, go and learn it, increase your personal value level to the world and the world will pay you higher.

Learn how to build a fast track business and you can help multitudes out there who are having the same pain.


Zig ziglar said and I quote: if you can help just enough persons get what they want, you will certainly get whatever you want.

It’s more like saying: GIVE AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE.

It  works like magic.


Your pain is your certificate to a money printing business.

That’s it my friend is how to come up with a million naira business idea within 10 minutes or less.


Note: that there are so many persons presently solving the pain you came up with as many will discover, doesn’t mean you can’t do it too. Competition shouldn’t threaten you, competition shows that something is working.


All you got to do is carve out a niche for yourself, which I explained how to do that in this post; READ IT HERE

It’s all about being creative and innovative.


That’s it my friend is how to come up with a million naira business idea within 10 minutes or less.


To higher profits,

Chris Thony


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