How To Become Your Own Publisher And Generate Cash On Demand

How To Become Your Own Publisher And Generate Cash On Demand

Selling information in various forms is one of the easiest and most profitable businesses to begin.

Follow these steps to enter the information publishing business.

Each step can be made more complicated, but they all relate to this basic outline.

1. Find a topic that people will pay to learn about. It helps if you are an expert in the topic, but if not, that’s what research is for.

2. Capture the information in one of three ways:

a. Write it down.
b. Record audio or video.
c. Produce some combination of a and b.


3. Combine your materials into a product: an e-book or digital package that can be downloaded by buyers.

4. Create an offer. What exactly are you selling, and why should people take action on it? Learn more about how to create irresistible offers here.

5. Decide on a fair, value-based price for your offer. For pricing guidelines, see here.

6. Find a way to get paid. Flutterwave or is the most ubiquitous method, with the ability to accept payment from users in more than 180 countries. Other options are available if you want more flexibility. Click here to create a free account with Flutterwave

7. Publish the offer and get the word out. For how to attract buyers for your product click here.

8. Cash in and head to the beach! (This step may require further effort.)


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