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How to Advertise on the AOL Network

How to Advertise on the AOL Network

AOL is an online publisher with a network of media and entertainment websites. Advertisers may promote their products and services through the AOL Network. Options for both banner and text advertising are available.

The procedure for ordering ads through the network depends on which type of advertising is chosen. Prospective advertisers should learn how to prepare advertising according to AOL Network ad specs, how to bid on ads, and how to open and fund an AOL advertising account.

Sponsored Listings

1. Access the “Sponsored Listings” campaign setup page. Sponsored listings consist of text advertising. You do not need to prepare a banner for this type of ad.

2. Select websites where you want to advertise under Step 1 of the campaign system. Options include sites like AOL News, Fox News, Huffington Post, and ESPN.

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3. Place your bid. Different websites require different minimum bids. These bids are sometimes less than $1 per click and sometimes more. It just depends on the bids of other advertisers in the AOL Network. You pay that bid each time a visitor clicks on your ad.

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4. Create an ad. You only need to type your ad and include your website address. You will then be prompted to establish an account.

5. Fund your account with a credit card. For sponsored listing ads, you’ll be charged a $100 setup fee. However, AOL applies that fee to your first $100 of advertising. Your ads will start to appear as soon as you fund the account.

Ad Desk

1. Create an advertising banner that fits within the guidelines of the AOL Network. Different standards apply for rich media/broadband ad units, standard non-rich media ad units and mobile ad units. Review the AOL Advertising “Ad Specs” page to see the various requirements. Web designers or ad agencies can assist you in creating a banner if you do not have one.

2. Access the “Welcome to Ad Desk” page. Register for an advertiser account.

3. Log in and click on “Create a New Campaign.” Follow the instructions to upload your banner, select specific sites for advertising and place an ad bid. For Ad Desk AOL advertising, you place a bid to either pay for every 1,000 impressions or pay each time a visitor clicks on your banner. Your ads start to run as soon as you have your campaign set up and fund your account with a credit card.

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If you need help advertising on the AOL network, kindly get in touch with us.

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