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How a Gambling Ads Campaign Generated Over 9,000 Sign-Ups on Meta

Gambling Ads Generate 9,000+ Sign-Ups on Meta in Thailand

Gambling is a sector that thrives on effective advertising, yet it comes with its own set of challenges. This case study delves into a groundbreaking campaign that astonishingly generated over 9,000 sign-ups, specifically targeting the Thai market.

How the Deal Was Finalized

A member of the client’s company saw our article and reached out to us via the contact form on our website. After gathering the necessary information, they informed their boss. Once they received the go-ahead, payment was promptly made using cryptocurrency for its ease and speed.

The Struggle to Run Gambling Ads on Meta

Running gambling ads is often a complicated endeavor due to stringent regulations and meta ads policies. Advertisers frequently find themselves navigating a maze of rules, which can make the process both time-consuming and costly. This complexity often deters businesses from leveraging platforms like Meta for their campaigns.

The Issue of Account Bans

Another significant hurdle in the gambling advertising landscape is the frequent account bans imposed by advertising platforms. Many advertisers express frustration over these bans, which not only disrupt ongoing campaigns but also necessitate the cumbersome process of setting up new accounts.

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  • The client wanted to outsource everything – ads, accounts and wanted to pay with cryptocurrency.
  • Execute a cost-effective campaign.
  • Focus on the Thai market while adhering to local and platform-specific regulations.

Target Audience

  • Age: 25-45
  • Gender: Predominantly male
  • Location: Thailand
  • Platform: Meta

Platform Overview

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Meta was chosen because it offers the best targeting possibilities, allowing for a highly focused and effective campaign in the Thai market.

Campaign Strategy

  • Ad Formats: Image ads were used.
  • Targeting Options: Geo-targeting focused on Thailand, along with interest-based targeting.
  • Payment Method: Payments were made via cryptocurrency for our services & ad spend.


  1. Ad Creation: Developed compelling visuals and ad copy.
  2. Audience Targeting: Leveraged Meta’s advanced targeting options specific to Thailand.
  3. Accounts: Providing Agency Accounts to effectively execute the campaign


Note: The 'Add-to-cart' conversion was set up for the Sign-Up button leading to the Sign Up confirmation page. The exact number of sign-ups is not known as the final confirmation happened on a website that the client didn't control, so a pixel couldn't be placed

The Solution to Account Bans: Perks of Using our Facebook Ad Account

  • No Daily Ad Spend Limits: Want to spend $10K/day from day one? You can do that on our agency ad accounts, eliminating the need to warm up the account.
  • Whitelisted Ad Accounts: Get very strong, premium-quality ad accounts to run different verticals with no issues, and no bans.
  • Easy Top-Up: We will top up your ad accounts within 1-3 business days. We support bank wire transfers and cryptocurrency.
  • Cheaper CPMs & CPAs: Using trusted tier accounts from trusted entities gives you access to better CPMs and CPAs.
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Contact Us

If you require assistance with running gambling ads on platforms such as Meta, Google, Twitter, and more, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Our team is ready to help you navigate the advertising guidelines and regulations to ensure successful campaigns.

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