Home Buying In Nigeria: Smart Home Buyer Tips

Home Buying In Nigeria: Smart Home Buyer Tips


Home Buying In Nigeria: Smart Home Buyer Tips


Get Value For Your Money

Home buying in Nigeria is somewhat different from the rest of the world because Nigeria is a peculiar country with a peculiar history.

The concept of buying a home is, in fact, not popular at the moment except among the enlightened class.

Most people prefer to buy a land and go through the rigors of building their homes themselves.

If you’re enlightened enough to want to buy a home instead of building one, then you should be a smart home buyer.

You can be a smart buyer even if you’re a first time home buyer.


Follow the smart home buying tips below.

My goal in providing these home buying tips is to help you avoid being scammed of your hard-earned money.

These tips will ensure you get value for your money.

At the same time you will have the most rewarding home buyer experience.


Smart Home Buyer Tips


1. Do not be in a hurry to pay

Scammers tell unsuspecting home buyers that several buyers are in the process of paying for the property they’re interested in in order to stampede them into making payment.

These scammers will often tell you to pay for the property immediately to avoid losing the house to another buyer.

My advice?

Do not be in a hurry to pay.

Take your time.

Evaluate the home or property.

Return in a day or two to re-evaluate the property with fresh eyes.

If the deal doesn’t sound right, it’s probably not right.


2. Invite A Third Party

The excitement of home buying can get you all carried away and make you anxious to PAY NOW and get the deal over with.

To avoid succumbing to that temptation, invite a pair of fresh unbiased eyes to look at the property alongside you.

This third party could be your wife or a family member you trust to tell the truth.


3. Make Sure The Property Is Not On Government land

A home built on state land will eventually be pulled down by the state government when she needs the property.

And you won’t get compensated.

So, ensure the property is not on state-acquired land.


4. Confirm The Identity of The Property Owner

Real estate scammers sell property indiscriminately using fake identity and documents.

Be sure the seller is the property owner.

Property buying in Nigeria is a wonderful experience.

But be a smart Nigeria buyer by confirming the identity of the owner.

Remember . . .

Real estate fraudsters sell property belonging to someone else

Scammers sell one property to several buyers locking the buyers in a time and money consuming legal battle

Children sell their parents’ property illegally

So, be careful.


5. See All Documents Related To The Property Before You Pay

This is self-explanatory.

Do not buy a property without getting all the documents related to the property.

Ensure you get the original not duplicates.


6. Cover The Transaction With A Legal Document

Get a qualified and trustworthy lawyer to prepare carefully-worded legal documents covering the transaction.

And ensure all parties to the transaction sign the appropriate sections.


7. Use Trustworthy and Credible Witnesses
This speaks for itself.

Trustworthy witnesses means trustworthy transactions.


8. Use A Trustworthy Real Estate Agent

Many real estate agents are in for the money.

They abandon you once they have collected the commission due them.

Consequently, many are anxious to have you pay quickly (a false move) so they can collect their commission and move on to the next client.

That is a bad way to do business.

This is where my team and I are different.

We are a real estate company that focus on helping our clients get the best deal in every transaction.

Customer satisfaction is our watchword.

We match your needs with the properties available at the time of inquiry so your property buying is fulfilling and pleasurable.

If a particular property is not right for you, we tell you just that.

Of course, we get our commission for every deal but that is secondary.

Your satisfaction comes first.

Why is that important?

Simple. If you’re satisfied, you will come again.

That is repeat business.

You will also tell your friends and family.

That is more business.

Your Nigeria real estate buying experience should be a pleasant one.

It should leave a pleasant taste in your mouth and a worthy inheritance for your kids.

So, be a smart buyer!



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