We have a team of Direct Response Marketers & Copywriters

Who fuses a potent combination of proven direct response marketing strategies with persuasive copywriting to increase sales response for our clients.

We have written copy for dozens (probably hundreds) of promotions online and offline.

From direct mail sales letters; lead generation mailings; website sales copy; email copy; press releases; articles; print display ads; voicemail scripts; audio scripts; video sales letters (VSLs), you name it – we’ve probably written it.

We’ve written sales copy for a number of “big name” marketers around the globe for a number of different markets, products and services — including (but not limited to): physical information products; “high-ticket” seminars; snoring aids; anti-wrinkle cream; diet aids; language courses; self-development products; investment opportunities; financial trading services; software; eBooks; expensive mentoring and coaching programmes; business opportunities; and so on and so forth.


If you’re interested in hiring us for a copywriting service, don’t hesitate to get in touch now!

Send us an email via  I will get back to you quickly and we’ll schedule a call.