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Top 10 Best Music Distribution Platforms For 2024

Top 10 Best Music Distribution Platforms For 2024

In the digital age, aspiring musicians no longer need a record deal to share their art with the world. With the advent of free music distribution platforms, artists can now independently release their tracks, connect with their audience, and even monetize their music without breaking the bank. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top 10 best free music distribution platforms that empower musicians to take control of their musical journey.

Top 10 Best Free and Paid Music Distribution Platforms

DistroKid: DistroKid tops our list as a user-friendly and cost-effective platform. It allows artists to upload unlimited songs for a yearly fee, making it an excellent choice for musicians with a prolific output. DistroKid also boasts quick distribution to major streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

TuneCore: TuneCore provides a comprehensive distribution service for artists looking to get their music on major platforms. While it requires a one-time fee per release, TuneCore does not take a percentage of your royalties, ensuring that you keep what you earn.

Amuse: Amuse stands out for being entirely free, making it an attractive option for independent and emerging artists. The platform offers easy distribution to popular streaming services and even provides royalty advances for promising artists.

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SoundCampaign: SoundCampaign provides a range of features and benefits aimed at expanding your music’s reach and enhancing your chances of success. Through its network of curators, you can expect genuine streams and placements on dynamic Spotify playlists. For optimal exposure on Spotify, it’s advisable to explore playlist promotion services such as SoundCampaign. Their commitment to supporting artists on their path to success includes effective music distribution strategies tailored to your individual needs.

CD Baby: With over two decades in the industry, CD Baby has established itself as a reliable music distribution platform. While it charges a one-time fee, CD Baby provides worldwide distribution, sync licensing opportunities, and even physical distribution for CDs and vinyl.

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LANDR: Known for its AI-driven mastering services, LANDR also offers free music distribution. The platform’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive analytics make it an excellent choice for artists seeking both distribution and insights into their audience.

RouteNote: RouteNote offers a free distribution option with artists retaining 85% of their royalties. The platform caters to a global audience, distributing music to major streaming services and stores across the world.

Symphonic Distribution: Symphonic Distribution provides a range of services, including free distribution for singles. With its focus on helping artists build their brand, Symphonic offers additional features like YouTube monetization and royalty collection.

Spinnup: Backed by Universal Music, Spinnup is a distribution platform designed to discover emerging talent. While it has a small fee per release, Spinnup provides an excellent opportunity for artists to get noticed by major labels.

AWAL: AWAL (Artists Without A Label) is a distribution platform that operates on a selective model. While it doesn’t charge upfront fees, AWAL works on a revenue-sharing basis, taking a percentage of the artist’s earnings.

Soundrop: Soundrop focuses on both distribution and collaborative opportunities. Artists can release music for free and also take advantage of the platform’s unique features like virtual listening parties and fan collaboration.


FreshTunes: This platform champions artist freedom. Distribute your music to all the major players – Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music – and keep 100% of your streaming royalties. While they take a cut of YouTube Content ID and songwriting royalties, transparency reigns supreme.

Unchained Music: Forget fees, forget percentages. Unchained Music lets you unleash your music on over 220 platforms, including the giants, completely free. Their motto? “Your music, your rules.”

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Sonomo: This underdog packs a punch. Their free tier gets your music on key platforms, while paid options unlock advanced features like royalty reports and release scheduling.

Stem: Offering free distribution alongside production tools and artist resources, Stem empowers creators at every stage. Their monetization options are evolving, so keep an eye on this rising star.

UnitedMasters: While technically not free (they charge a one-time fee per release), UnitedMasters offers direct placement on select playlists and marketing tools, making them an interesting option for ambitious artists.

Remember: Each platform has its quirks and limitations. Research, compare, and choose the one that best aligns with your music and career goals. Happy distributing!

Bonus Tip: Don’t just distribute, promote! Utilize social media, reach out to blogs, and build your fanbase to ensure your music finds its rightful audience.

Now go forth and conquer the digital music world! With the right platform and relentless hustle, your tunes will be dancing in ears everywhere.

Questions and Answers on Free Music Distribution Platforms:

Q: Which platform is truly free with no hidden fees?

A: Platforms like Unchained Music and FreshTunes offer truly free distribution without upfront costs or percentages taken from your streaming royalties. However, some might monetize YouTube Content ID or songwriting royalties in different ways.

Q: What are the limitations of free tiers?

A: Free tiers often have limitations like:

  • Number of releases: You might be restricted to releasing a certain number of tracks or albums per month/year.
  • Store availability: Not all platforms and streaming services might be accessible on the free plan.
  • Delivery speed: Your music might take longer to appear on platforms compared to paid plans.
  • Advanced features: Features like release scheduling, detailed analytics, or playlist pitching might be unavailable.
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Q: What platform is best for keeping all my royalties?

A: Platforms like Unchained Music and FreshTunes allow you to keep 100% of your streaming royalties. However, some might take a share of other income streams like YouTube Content ID or songwriting royalties.

Q: Which platform offers the most stores and services?

A: RouteNote boasts the most extensive network of stores and streaming services on their free tier. However, consider paid upgrades if you need faster delivery or advanced features.

Q: Which platform is best for beginners?

A: Platforms like Soundrop and Indiefy offer user-friendly interfaces and simple distribution processes, making them ideal for those starting out.

Q: What additional considerations should I make?

A: Beyond price, consider factors like:

  • User reviews and platform reputation: Do your research and see what other artists say about their experience.
  • Value-added services: Some platforms offer mastering, website building, or marketing tools alongside distribution.
  • Your career goals: Choose a platform that aligns with your ambitions, whether it’s maximum control, global reach, or specific genre representation.

Remember: There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Experiment, compare platforms, and find the one that empowers you to share your music with the world on your own terms.


The democratization of music distribution has empowered artists to independently share their creations with a global audience. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or just starting your musical journey, these top 10 free music distribution platforms offer a range of options to suit your needs. Embrace the power of digital distribution, connect with your audience, and let your music resonate across the world. The stage is yours—unleash your sound!

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