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Dear Friend,

Firstly I want to congratulate you for making it to this website, in the next couple of minutes you are going to discover...

A Simple Proven Online System That Generates Between $2,000 T0 $10,000 Per Month Completely On Autopilot Without You Trading Your Precious Time For Money...

Take a look at the screenshot below, taking from the dashboard of a student already using this simple proven online system to generate over $36,000 in 30 short days...

$36,406 in 30 days! 

The result above is from the 1st of May to the 30th of May during the lockdown period....

I went into the online world with a vision of the business I wanted to create. 

I wanted to create a system that could stand on its own (without me) and help other entrepreneurs re-engineer their strategy and systemize their processes, so they could multiply their profits while slashing the number of hours they worked.

I have now achieved my vision.

That’s why I decided that it was time to get this information out there for everyone to benefit from.

You should build a business that works so well, where you have enough time for yourself and your loved ones without trading your precious time for money.

And the good news is that now is the right time. 

You see when you started searching for a way to earn a good living online, you probably found thousands of confusing choices, all claiming to be "the best". 

Many of these are "pitched" to you like a carnival barker looking for his next unwary victim to step up to play his secretly "unwinnable" game. 

Well here's why you shouldn't look at online business as an "unwinnable" game, even though some people think it is, after trying time and time again to make a living online... unsuccessfully.

When really, it's very possible to win at online business. 

If you just understand these 3 CRITICAL concepts:

1) Be STRATEGIC when deciding on what kind of business you want (starting with your desired end result in mind)...

2) Set yourself up to "play" with an ADVANTAGE (by positioning your business to WIN)...

3) Play the RIGHT game (the one you are MOST likely to win)...

See, I've been very successful online.

And many others have too. 

After they were transformed from struggling opportunity seekers, to entrepreneurial millionaires by another very successful person online...

So how do you be strategic?

How do you play with an advantage?

And how do you know you're playing the RIGHT game for you?

Now you can uncover the CRITICAL steps you need to take to build a successful online business...

... bringing you positive results in as little as one week.

Now let’s look at a few obstacles that currently stand in your way to making the kind of money you should…

Now that you know how the Internet is evolving, and that you should be focused on building a real business, let’s take a look at the obstacles you might face in actually creating a real business that has staying power. 

By exposing and eliminating these problems, you’ll be able to grow your business faster (and easier) than you ever thought possible. 

These are the same overriding concepts that ultrawealthy business builders understand and operate on.

Let’s take a look at one fundamental problem most Internet marketers’ experience.

The very first obstacle we need to look at is you and your thinking.

The way I see things is that there are two different diametrically opposing ways of thinking when it comes to building a business and making money online. 

There’s opportunistic thinking and strategic thinking.


Here’s the deal, opportunity seekers think opportunistically and entrepreneurs think strategically.

An opportunity seeker is always looking for their big opportunity to make lots of money from the hot opportunity of the moment.

Their only criteria is, “Can I make money from this?”

So today it’s Adsense, tomorrow it something else, and yesterday it was some other hot concept already forgotten.

Opportunity seekers buy lots of products, and they use only a few of them, and the ones they do use get abandoned when the next so-called “easy” way to make money comes by. 

The question they ask themselves is, “What’s the easiest way for me to make money right now?”

A true entrepreneur, on the other hand, is a completely different animal altogether. 

An entrepreneur has a clear vision of what they want the business to become. 

Because they have a vision they can analyze their own strengths, their competitor strengths, the marketplace preferences and devise different strategies for achieving their vision. 

After reviewing the pros and cons of each strategic alternative they pick the one strategy most certain to successfully achieve their vision. 

The entrepreneur knows that their biggest opportunity is always inside their business, following their ideal strategy and not the hot product that everyone is advertising for this week.

And here’s some inside information that any seasoned direct marketer will confirm. 

It’s about 100 times easier to sell to an opportunity seeker than it is an entrepreneur. 


Because the opportunity seeker has no criteria – if you can convince him or her that they can make money with it, you’ve made your sale. 

An entrepreneur, on the other hand, has to compare what you are offering to their current plans –

will it make it easier for them to achieve their vision?


Is this something that fits into their current approach and if it does;

is it superior to what they are currently doing?

And here’s the rub, the overwhelming majority of Internet marketers are nothing more than digital opportunity seekers. 

They have no strategy, they hop from one approach to another, and while they may have some arbitrary income goal they have no vision of the business they would need to create in order to achieve it. 

And since they don’t have a clear vision they cannot follow any sort of detailed plan to accomplish it. 

So they end up buying anything and everything that comes with a big promise of easy money with the hope that this is going to be it – this is their big chance to make it big. 

They especially love (and fall victim to) the “Business in a box” products where the promises are huge rewards with little to no effort.

Alright, let’s say that I have either convinced you that you need to be an entrepreneur and build a business, or you already knew it.


Do You Know What An Hour Of Your Time Is Worth?

I don’t mean to get all philosophical on you, but have you ever really thought about your time? – it’s your life. 

If you really think about it, time is all you have.

Moreover, there’s no such thing as free time. 

You can’t save free time and use it later.

You have leisure time but it’s not free time. 

When you waste time in front of your computer mindlessly surfing and then rationalizing to yourself that you were just using some of your free time –

you actually just wasted some of your life. 

It’s not leisure time unless that is what you’re choosing to do above all other activities;

all other activities like going swimming, going on vacation, spending time with your family, friends or on your hobbies.

Alright, so what’s this got to do with your Internet business? 


The reason you are not making the kind of money in your business or working the amount of hours you want is that you have not made it a point to continually increase the worth of your time. 

Let me be redundant here for the sake of clarity…

All time has value;

and the way you think about time and think about yourself will affect everything that happens to you inside and outside your business for the rest of your life. 

In short, you have to value your time before anyone else will.

I’m always shocked at how many people don’t have any idea what the value of their time is, or how to increase the value of their time.


So, the question is, “what is your time worth?”


Do you know what your time is worth? 

Do you know what your time needs to be worth to achieve your income goals?

If you don’t know what your time is worth and what it needs to be worth, then you cannot make effective decisions on what activities you should be spending your time on and what activities you should have others do for you.

So, let’s roll up our sleeves and figure out together what the value of your time needs to be to get you where you want to be.

QUICK NOTE: Productive time is time directly generated to income.

The Easiest Way To Boost Your Income Without Trading Your Time

If you are asking yourself “how in the hell could I boost my income without trading my time for money?”

the answer will not be found in an eBook or a home study course.


The answer is that you need to build a scalable business that provides you, the business owner, with the maximum amount of leverage possible.

That’s why knowing how to boost your income without trading time for money is so important. 

It exposes you, maybe for the first time, to the reason why you aren’t making the kind of money you always dreamed about. 

And the answer is your business is not currently set up to help you achieve and then surpass your income goal!

I Have Put Together A Special Program For You, That Is Guaranteed To Bring You An Extra $2,000 to $10,000 Per Month Even If You've Never Sold Online Before 



Creating a simple profitable digital product is the key to making easy money every day on autopilot and it’s attainable only through the Accelerated Profitable Digital Product Creation And Launching Blueprint.

Creating Your Own Profitable Digital Products...

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Tap Into The $2.3 Trillion Dollar Information Industry

People need specialized information in today's fast paced, digital world.

Schools can't keep up.

Everywhere millions of people are buying information products to solve their problems.

Discover how to create, publish and sell simple profitable information products to make the world better and turn a profit in the process.

This program is certainly not for everyone.

If you’re serious about making big money online, and building a real business that will grow and serve you well into the future, though… this program is for you.

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Build A $2000/month Online Side-hustle From Scratch... In The New Economy

In this Accelerated Profitable Digital Product Creation And Launching Blueprint,

I’ll share some of the same strategies currently being used by online business owners at the top of the Internet marketing world. 

I can promise you these are not concepts you’ve heard before.  

they are so powerful they will increase your income even if you do them wrong!

And when you click the button below

you’ll see I’ve made it easy for you to discover these proven success secrets you can use THIS WEEK… to increase your income, boost profits, and help you battle this, or any, down economy. 

After you get access to my Accelerated Profitable Digital Product Creation And Launching Blueprint… and apply the Strategies there in,

you will look back on this day as the one day that changed everything… and started you down the path to online wealth and personal freedom.

The Strategic Pillars To Online Wealth... Become A Successful Strategic Online Entrepreneur

It's time to shift strategies.


Somewhere you got off-track.

It’s time for you to abandon the false dream of becoming a successful opportunity seeker who magically knows which rocks (or websites, gurus, and products) to look under to spot sure things.

In other words it's time to make success a lot simpler. 

To remove yourself from the "opportunity seekers" instead of continuing to add yourself to it...

To spend more time earning and less time learning...

To build a business instead of chasing opportunities, and...

To finally get both the financial and lifestyle results you dreamed about when first deciding to start your online business.

It's time for you to shift strategies to the strategic approach.

You've taken the first step by reading this letter. 

And that's a great start. 

Now, let me show you how to apply it to get your online business going and growing.

That's where I show you the specific steps you must take to massively succeed online.

And it's all for a token

Now, you might wonder why I would do all this for you for a token.

If so, let me tell you…

In every business relationship someone has to make the first move.

Plus, someone has to make the first investment and therefore take the first risk.

You've already made the first move by reading this letter. 

Because of that, I am willing to invest in you and your online business.

You see, I've learned from experience a simple fact.

The better entrepreneur you become the better client you'll be.

So, it makes sense for me to take a risk and fully invest in you.

If we're right for each other, I'll reap the rewards later on.

If not, you'll get an unparalleled entrepreneurial education absolutely for free.

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By now, you’ve probably seen how many entrepreneurs are creating extremely profitable businesses for themselves through a foundation of high-margin digital products.

Digital products like e-books, online courses, audio products, downloadable templates, software, etc., are increasingly attractive because of their low creation costs (your primary investment being your time and expertise) and inherently scalable nature.

However, with well over 300 million new websites being created each year, there’s a staggering amount of competition to grab people’s attention in just about every topic area you can think of.

And as time goes by, it will only get more crowded.

Making money online is no longer a game of putting up some banner ads, implementing affiliate links, and taking sponsored content from your favorite brands.

Sure, those are all viable monetization strategies, but that’s not where the real money is going to be flowing in the future.

You need to be considering how you can sell digital products with your business.

If you have a valuable skill set, think of ways you can package your services as do-it-yourself online courses.

The "Accelerated Profitable Digital Product Creation And Launching Blueprint" will show you exactly how.

If you’re an experienced designer, perhaps your more junior counterparts would be willing to purchase templates from you.

If you’re an expert in any field, I can guarantee there are people who will pay for an accelerated learning experience through digital guides and instructional videos.

To me, selling digital products is by far the most attractive online business.

They’re infinitely scalable once you create the products, you have almost zero associated costs for each unit you sell, and if you do a great job of promoting your products you’ll be able to rank high in organic search results and bring in new customers at a very low cost.

Information products are low-cost, fast to manufacture, and time-consuming for your competitors to duplicate.

Digital products have been the platform by which countless successful entrepreneurs have made a name for themselves.

Of course, like any business of true value, you will not achieve overnight success.

You’ll have to put in the work first, by taking a step now.

Do you know that with this blueprint in your hands, you could create your first digital product in the next 48 hrs or less?

Yes, that’s right and…

I’m about to give you access to my Accelerated Profitable Digital Product Creation And Launching Blueprint.

This is my 8 step video series that walks you through the process of creating digital products that are guaranteed to sale.

Here’s What You Will Get


You will discover the sneaky hack to developing your own product contents without having to spend weeks brainstorming ideas for your product content.

Value: $20


This video will walk you through the process of giving your product a knockout title, this is so important that if done wrong will lead to little or no sales of your product.

The strategies revealed inside this video are the same strategies used by Dale Carnegie and he was able to name his product “How To Win Friends And Influence People”.

Today that product has sold over 30 million copies worldwide.

Value: $37


This is where I show you how to use already written contents to develop your own product contents without having to write a single word yourself.

I just saved you 2 weeks of doing it all from scratch.

You’re welcome!

Value: $20


This is where I reveal to you a 2 pathway technique of increasing the perceived value of your products and have your customer pay the price you want without arguing.

With this, you’ll be able to charge what you want for your products.

Value: $20


How long should your video content be? You’ll find out in this video.

Get this wrong and you’d have no one going through your training materials and that means you won’t be able to make the impact you so desire.

Value: $17


In this video, I reveal different payment systems you can use to start receiving payments locally and globally and It doesn’t matter where you are.

This works well even if you’re in a country where payment systems like PayPal are not accepted.

Value: $17


Of what use is it, if you can’t create graphic designs for your own products?

You don’t want that.

So in this video, I’ll show you how you can design your own product designs without paying 100s of dollars to graphics designers.

I just saved you more money which you could add to your advertising budget.

You’re welcome!

Value: $30


This is where I reveal to you how to publish your products globally and start earning from all around the world without having to worry about your geographical location.

Value: $36


I know you’re wondering right now how much this is going for?

Don’t worry, I will tell you in a little bit but before I do, Let me ask you;

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The Info marketer's Roadmap to

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And that’s why it’s important you hear from superstar Facebook coach… 

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he's that good and......

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The 16-Word Sales Letter

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Bonus Material #5:

Maximizing Social Media for your Online Business

According to a recent social media analytics study, 71% of buying decisions today are based on what customers read on social media.

9 in 10 online businesses don't know how to leverage social media as a powerful business tool and it's costing them millions in new sales every year!

That's bad for them, and very good for you...

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27 Hypnotic Words to Make The World DO your bidding

This is The Simplest way to CUT Through that Natural Resistance We all Have to Spending MONEY!

Without Lying or Making BOGUS Claims that turn  customers OFF and make them take their money elsewhere.

Everything You Need To Setup A Simple Online System That Generates Between $2,000 T0 $10,000 Per Month Completely On Autopilot Without Trading Your Time For Money.

As you can see, I’ve included everything you need to take your first step on an info marketer’s path that can pay you over $36,000 per year …

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➨Without any previous experience

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You probably wouldn't care what anyone thinks about you anymore

As far as I'm concerned, there's no better way to escape the daily grind … the rat race in this new economy.

You could be looking back on this day as the day that changed your life forever.

To higher profits and beyond,

Chris Tony

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Closing Thoughts

As I already said throughout this letter, most people don’t think of ways to make maximum money in minimum time.

Instead, they simply let the days just pass them by as they go through life half-awake.

Leading many to a life like this…

They had dreams when they're young, replaced by responsibilities as they mature, and they’re left with nothing but regrets when they're old.

Sure they’d hoped to be happier.

They wanted to be more successful.

But every day was the same, and nothing ever changed.

They didn't feel like they had the time, the discipline, or the resources to take the necessary steps.

My whole goal in writing this letter was to wake you up to the power of making money without trading your time. 

So you see -- you can make the time… develop the discipline… and tap into your own resourcefulness. 

And by doing so, you‟ll put yourself and your online business on a better path to profits starting today.

This way, instead of letting life pass you by, you slam on the brakes and stop the routine.

That you stop wishing and waiting, and take a different (more fulfilling) path than everyone else.

All it requires is you to make an effort.

And begin using your mind more each and every day

Will it be easy?

Not at first. 

But each day it will get easier.

And after a short while it will get as easy as you wish it were right now.

Besides, even if it was difficult and stayed that way (which it won't), what choice would you have?

 Just settle and resign to living an unfulfilling life?

Of course not!!

Because once you see things as they really are - you realize it's not a choice but an IQ test. 

And you either get-it or you don't.

I hope I've woken you up to reality and you realize your dreams aren't going to happen on their own.

A better business isn't going to magically appear out of nowhere, nor are you going to wake up one day and suddenly be living your dream life.

The fact is…

You either get serious and make an effort, or live with the regret that you never did.

Obvious, right?

As with nearly everything that's obvious, it's completely ignored.

The entrepreneurs who scoff at such simplistic advice are the same people who struggle with tasks they hate, dealing with people they can't stand, settling for results they’d rather not, preparing to do the same thing day after day.

They want things to be better, without a doubt, but they are unwilling to take the simple steps to make it happen.

You have to be the source of change.

No longer can you wait for "better" or "more" to waltz in unexpectedly.

If things are going to improve, you have to improve them.

And it all starts by taking a step today and more often.

So repeat after me: If things are going to change, I have to change. If I want my life and business to be better, I must do better.

If you don't take control of your income, then you are not in control of yourself, and you're definitely not in control of your future.

A Sobering Thought

As I end this letter, let me share with you one final and personal thought. 

My own view of the world we live in today, and why I felt I needed to write this letter for you.

The modern world can be viewed as a prodigious conspiracy against realistic and profitable online business. 

We're continually bombarded with promises of immediate gratification, instant success, and fast temporary relief, all of which lead us to believe things that are untrue, even worse… harmful… because if we don't think for ourselves we'll certainly head in the wrong direction.

I've done my best to get you to stop being seduced by the siren song of the consumerist, quick fix society that only brings the momentary illusion of accomplishment, and a shadow of the satisfaction you deserve.

If I came off harsh, uncaring, or condescending – I apologize.

That was never my intention.

It just tears me up talking to so many entrepreneurs who are on the wrong path and don't ever realize it.

Now, that you're at the end you've got a choice…

You can put it aside and go on living your life as if nothing ever happened and nothing really needs to change.

If you do, then I owe you an apology.

Because it means my words weren't strong enough, my thoughts weren't presented clearly enough, and all I did was waste both of our time.


You can decide right now that starting today you're going to become the best income generator you are capable of becoming.

Realizing you're doing it for yourself, for your family, for your friends, and for your online business.

That ultimately… the better you're thinking, the better everything in your life will be.

If so, then all the time and effort I put into writing this, and all the time and effort you put into reading it, has been the highest and best use of our time.

Only you can decide.

So, go ahead,

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See you at the top.

To higher profits and beyond,

Chris Tony

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See you at the top.

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