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Angel Reese Net Worth And Source Of Income

Angel Reese Net Worth And Source Of Income

Angel Reese has taken center stage with her sensational performances throughout Women’s March Madness 2023. After clinching the first-ever NCAA women’s Championship for LSU, Reese is set to continue her college career until turning pro. One of the most popular celebrities in college basketball, Bayou Barbie has amassed a huge fanbase of her own. But exactly how much does the LSU star make and what is Angel Reese‘s net worth?

Born May 6, 2002, the LSU guard, now only 20 years old, is already a household name. Her dazzling performances on the court and dauntless persona throughout have made Reese stand out from her peers. The sensational guard has already been shot to stardom and even legends like Shaquille O’Neal have heaped praises on her.

Already a basketball icon, Angel Reese has signed multiple NIL partnerships to date. Following her title glory, more deals are queuing up for the LSU star. So precisely what is Angel Reese’s estimated net worth and how much is she making off her NIL deals?

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Angel Reese’s Net Worth

angel reese net worth

Angel Reese has an estimated Net Worth of about $1 million as of 2023, which is currently on the rise. Having already signed with top brands like Amazon, Xfinity, McDonald’s, and Coach among others, Angel’s NIL deals have earned her substantial wealth over time. The numbers are thoroughly escalating and after her March Madness success, her projected NIL earnings are about $876,000.

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Currently placed sixth among highest earners in women’s Division l College basketball, Reese is already a millionaire. Her huge fan following across social media platforms is estimated to earn her over $2,974 per sponsored post. Owing to her exceptional persona and spectacular on-court athletic prowess, Angel Reese is on her way to greatness.

How Angel Reese Built a Net Worth

Angel Reese has signed a total of 17 NIL deals as per sources close to the player. This includes brands like Coach, Wingstop, Merch on Demand, and Sparkling Ice among others. Although Reese hasn’t signed with any sneaker label as of yet, her NIL deals are already earning the star a fortune. Currently, she is the sixth highest earning women’s basketball player at NIL revenue of $392,000.

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As per her agent Jeanine Ogbonnaya, Reese currently partners in 17 NIL deals. The LSU star partnered with Coach in August 2022, and has been their brand ambassador ever since. Her partnership with supermarket chain Giant Food and restaurant group Wingstop are also among her top NIL deals.

Reese has also signed with Telecommunication company Xfinity and tax preparation software TurboTax. Her partnerships with Sparkling Ice, McDonald’s, and Outback Steakhouse also contribute to her NIL earnings.

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