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Amuse Review: How Does it Compare to Traditional Record Labels?

Amuse Review: How Does it Compare to Traditional Record Labels?

Amuse Music Distribution is an independent music distribution platform that allows artists to get their music out to the world. It offers a wide range of services, from digital distribution and streaming promotion to physical product sales and more. This complete review will cover all aspects of Amuse’s offerings so you can decide if it’s the right fit for your musical career.

What is Amuse?

Amuse is a digital music distribution service as well as an independent record label founded in 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden by entrepreneurs Diego Farias, Andreas Ahlenius, Christian Wilson, Guy Parry, and Jimmy Brodd.

How Amuse Works

The first thing we need to discuss is how easy it is for artists to upload their music onto Amuse’s platform. The process couldn’t be simpler – just log in with your Apple ID or Google account, select which songs you want distributed (or upload them directly), then click ‘Submit’. Once submitted, they’ll be reviewed by Amuse’s team before being released on major platforms like Spotify and Apple Music within 24 hours!

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How Amuse Shares Royalties

Next up are royalties: As an artist using Amuse Music Distribution you keep 100% of all earnings from streams/downloads/etc., no matter where they originate from – including YouTube monetization! So not only do you have full control over what gets released but also how much money comes back into your pocket when people listen or purchase it too; this makes them one of the few distributors that offer true transparency when it comes down to royalty payments.

Amuse Marketing Support

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Moving on let’s talk about marketing support; as part of its package deal AMUSE provides a plethora of tools designed specifically for gaining exposure through social media channels such as Twitter & Facebook – letting users easily create custom promotional campaigns tailored towards specific audiences with ease! Additionally, there are plenty of options available regarding physical product sales too – meaning fans can order CDs & Vinyl copies directly via the website without any extra hassle involved either way.

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Amuse Customer Service

Last but not least we come onto customer service: Being able to access help whenever needed should always be priority number one after signing up with any online service provider – luckily AMUSE doesn’t disappoint here either offering Live Chat Support throughout every day alongside email contact forms + FAQ sections covering most common questions asked by customers alike…so whatever issue arises rest assured someone will always around assist promptly at anytime soon enough?


All things considered there really isn’t much left to say other than go ahead and give try yourself and see if fits your needs today and tomorrow beyond- because truthfully speaking nothing else compares sheer quality and convenience provided everyone who signs aboard ship here folks trust me I know firsthand experience having used myself since launching own project year ago never looked back ever since…

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