Many of my subscribers have been asking me about how they too can start and run a profitable blog.

The big question can however be if the money being generated from your blog will be enough to make you quit your regular job and make you live a more fulfilled life. Well, a whole lot of factors can be responsible for that. The important thing however is creating a blog around a niche that you will have fun and derive pleasure while giving life to your blog.

Several ways are available to make money from your blog. It’s however advised that you combine the different income-generating methods on your blog.

Since blogs are on different niches, some techniques which works best on a certain blog might not work best for yours. The more reason why you need try different income-generating methods on your blog and settle for the ones that generate the most income for you.

Let’s take a look at the different means of monitizing your blog…


Adsense comes first when it comes to displaying third party advert on ones website. It’s the leading and biggest advertising network available with a whole lot of advert choices to pick from.

The advantage is that, no matter what niche your blog falls into, you will surely have advert served on your website from adsense since their advertisers are numerous and cut across all niches in human endeavours.

Adding adsense advert on your website is simple, once registered with adsense, you only need to copy the code from your adsense account and paste it anywhere you want it displayed on your website using the appropriate plugin.

Amazon Associates

The Amazon Associates program allows you to earn commissions from sales generated by amazon via those who you referred to amazon from your blog. You get the amazon associate’s code and paste on your blog. Once someone who came to your blog clicked on the amazon affiliate adverts on your blog and eventually buys from amazon, you earn.

The Associates program is best for people who’s blog concentrate on products or centered round products reviews as those who come to the blog are already in buying mood. Such blogger make good income from amazon associates program.

Other Affiliate Programs

Amazon’s affiliate marketing program isn’t the only affiliate program available. There are several other affiliate programs like CLICKBANK, CLICKSURE and CPA networks. Depending on the niche of your blog, you can easily look for products that fits perfectly with your niche on these affiliate programs and promote them on your blog to earn commissions on the sales made via your link.

You may as well reach out to small scale businesses in your niche and offer to promote their products on your blog and get commissions on the amount of sales generated via your blog.

Private Sponsorships

I make greater percentage of my income from private sponsorships. Some refers to it at corporate advertising. When you grow your blog to a certain level and you become popular for your niche, big companies will be interested in advertising on your blog.

The difference between this and adsense/ amazon is that you will have to go out to source for the sponsorship yourself. Once you are able to attract such, you will earn bigger.


When you blog, content on your blog are provide for free to your readers. One wise way to earn from your blog is to create e-books and get them sold to your readers.

Take for example the blog you are on now is my blog on internet money making. You can see that at the top bar of this blog, there are different products listed on this websites where i sell my different internet money making ebooks like, Affiliate marketing course, Importation Business GuideFiverr Money making guide, Blogging for cash cousre etc.

This alone can generate extra N200,000 – Nx,xxx,xxx monthly if you take it serious and dish out great information for your readers just like i always do. I am sure you will definitely pick up on one of my guides and place an order for it.

Personal Appearances and Speaking Fees

If you are good at what you do and people get to reckon with you as an authority, you may start getting invitation to speak at conferences, seminars etc. Obviously, you get paid for such.
More important is that you create awareness on your blog that you render such service.

You may as well personally organize seminars where you will have to teach interested people. Like Christian Anthony does, he organize seminars to teach people about starting profitable internet businesses. Sure, to earn from this, the seminar must be a paid one.

Offer Exclusivity

Another smart way to earn from your blog is to create PAID MEMBERS’ SECTION of your blog where certain articles/teachings will be exclusive to paid members only.

Yes, you still make it free for everyone so as to attract visitors to your blog but, the paid members area if created will make you charge interested readers monthly, quarterly or annual fee for accessing the paid member area.

On a final note, it’s important to know that if you are starting a blog today, your blog wouldn’t become my blog overnight. Some bloggers are okay earning a few thousands of Naira from their blogs.

If you must be successful blogging, you have to start a blog on something that you have passion for, be committed to it and have patience. On a long run, you will be glad you ventured into blogging.

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