4 Proven Ways to Get More Facebook Leads

4 Proven Ways to Get More Facebook Leads

Before you publish your ad and instant form, there are a few best practices to keep in mind to make sure your ad gets the engagement — likes, clicks, and shares — you want.

To jumpstart that offensive strategy, here are four ways to generate leads that you can use to come out swinging.

#1 – Offer something for free

People like getting free stuff, so use it as a way to introduce your product or service to your audience. Once you’ve got their attention, use your instant form to collect contact information so that you can continue to nurture the relationship and guide them through the customer journey — from awareness to retention.

Free is something that comes up in our gallery of Facebook ads examples for lead generation all the time.

There is a documented psychological response to free products and samples that can be harnessed as a powerful marketing tool.

Free products serve as a “soft opening” for the rest of your services. People who use your free product have started a relationship with your brand, which can be a tipping factor in deciding what product to pay for down the line.

#2 – Pop the question

The best leads are qualified leads. These are the people most likely to buy something. To find these people, use your instant form to ask qualifying questions.

Segment leads based on how they respond and focus on nurturing your qualified leads first.

One way to do this is to connect with a lead through a survey with a contact information form. This will give you valuable information about your leads that can help you nurture them.

Here South African retail store V&A Waterfront is doing exactly that. They are linking through to a survey about their shop.


This means that they are only going to get high-quality leads from people who are actively interested in their Cape Town store.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your survey.

This will help people gauge which of their needs you can meet, which means you can instantly qualify them. In turn, you’ll be more prepared to discuss how you can help them.

  • Time it correctly.

If you have a free trial version of your product, asking people how their experience has been with your product during that trial can help you direct leads to helpful products or features as they look to transition to the full version of your product.

  • Place your surveys strategically. 

A survey that appears before clicking away from your order form could ask why someone hasn’t completed an order. On a product page, you could ask what features are most important. Capturing this type of data will help you nurture your leads.
Surveys demonstrate the value you place on your customers’ feedback and help you serve your lead from square one. Even if your survey follow-up doesn’t convert every lead, they can still capture feedback that you can use to improve.
Plus, surveys are a customizable and easy addition to any website, making them a fit for any lead generation strategy.

#3 – A video’s worth a thousand leads

Videos can be a valuable part of building your brand because they are a powerful way to deliver your message.

With lead ads, you can use video to attract your audience and encourage them to click on the CTA.

But remember:

Users only watch about a third of the way through Facebook videos, so build up anticipation in your video and place the CTA early on.

Here’re three Pro tricks that’ll make your life easier:

  • If you want to focus on the number of leads, add a CTA to educational videos.

They will be easy to digest for people new to your product and reach a wider audience.

  • If you want to focus on the quality of leads, add a CTA to targeted videos.

For example, place your CTA on short tutorials with special features of your suite of products. These will appeal to in-the-know buyers.

  • Location, location, location.

Make sure your CTA comes at the perfect point in your video. Endroll CTA’s generate quality leads, but midroll CTA’s have a slightly higher conversion. If using a midroll CTA, pique interest in your product/brand before your CTA, but don’t interrupt your viewer’s attention.

#4 – Exploit the power of mobile (SMS included)

The amount of time people spend on their phones is steadily increasing.

Instant forms offer a lot of features to make the customer experience easy. Be sure to use features that are available on mobile.

But it’s not enough! Anyone who has well-established lead generating channels and protocols should add SMS to their strategy. Incorporating SMS will give you a better set of tools to interact with leads.

Today’s consumers are more sophisticated, especially when it comes to researching products, and including an SMS campaign will help you be more nuanced, nimble, and informed than ever before.

Check your email and SMS inboxes. Which one is overflowing with unread messages? It’s your inbox, isn’t it?

While SMS messages are read 99% of the time, emails can languish. Furthermore, a study found that response rates through SMS are 3-4X higher than with email.

So it’s a total no-brainer to integrate SMS into your lead generation process.

The key to using SMS is to fold it into an existing channel to provide a strong context for users receiving your messages.

Let’s look at some quick ways to painlessly integrate SMS:

  • In response to a survey. 

If a lead gives you their mobile information after taking a survey, use it to follow up. You can give them information about any concerns they raise. For example, if they’re confused about pricing plans, follow up with a link to a walkthrough of your plans.

  • In response to a video. 

Follow up your CTA on an educational video with places a lead can find more product information to encourage their exploration of your services.

  • As the kickstart to an offer.

If you’re hosting sweepstakes, offering a coupon, or having a sale, reminding your leads soon before it expires capitalizes on SMS’s instant nature and encourages people to shop because of a hard deadline.

Now that you know how to create lead ads and instant forms and how to maximize them, let’s get into the mistakes you might be making and how to fix them.


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