3 Little Used Techniques To Create $500 Or More Easy Affiliate Money Every Week

3 Little Used Techniques To Create 0 Or More Easy Affiliate Money Every Week

Most people do not realize how uncomplicated it is to create an outflow
of weekly affiliate profits that pours in on automatic. Even a newbie can
use these techniques starting out immediately. They are painless.

The first step for making affiliate profits is to find good products with
fine sales websites, that are in high demand. You can easily find such
products at places like ClickBank.com, Cj.com,
PayDotCom.com, Plimus.com, ShareAsale.com, etc

Once you have a product to promote, it is time to apply these 3
techniques and use it consistently to generate as much as $500 every week.


1. Pay Per Click Marketing

This is by far one of the quickest and smartest ways to promote as
well as to make fast cash from Affiliate Marketing. If you do it right,
you can easily pump in $500 and more weekly from your affiliate
marketing campaigns.

All you need to do is signup an account with any of the better known
pay-per-click sites, and create an advertising campaign. Within
15minutes, it is possible to start seeing results from your efforts.

Example of the sites you can begin with immediately include;
AdBrite.com, Adwords.Google.com, Kanoodle.com,
SearchMarketing.Yahoo.com, ePilot.com and more.
It costs $5 or less to start at most of these websites.


2. Affiliate Marketing With Articles

This still remains one of my all-time favourites because more than
anything else, it can be totally costless. All you have to do is write
a quality article related to the affiliate product you are promoting
and submit the articles to the major article submission websites.
Some of such sites include: EzineArticles.com, SearchWarp.com,
BusinessToolChest.com, GoArticles.com,

Now, here is the great part.

Even if you are not like me who enjoys writing my own articles
and find it hard to write articles yourself, you can still use article
marketing effectively. You can just hire someone to write high quality
articles for you. It is not uncommon to find people to write you 100
solid articles of about 100-200words on topics you specify for
less than 4bucks an article.

Places where you can get people to write your articles at modest fees
include: freelancewriting.com, guru.com, rentacoder.com

At the end of the article, you are permitted to do a promotion of yourself
or your affiliate product and getting thousands of $$ worth of exposure
from it absolutely free.


3. Ezine Advertising

There is a direct link between how many people you are able to reach
with your chosen affiliate products and how much sale you make.
Basically, the more people you reach, the more your sales.

Now that is the summary of everything you’ll read in most 60paged books
on affiliate marketing. The key is “numbers” and the faster and smarter
you can get people to visit the website you are promoting using your
affiliate links, the more cash you pull.

To get large crowds quick, use ezine advertising. You can go to
DirectoryOfEzines.com to get a huge list of newsletters where you
can advertise in. Some of these newsletters will give you the advantage
of reaching over 100,000 people at very modest fees.

So, what are you still waiting for. Go right ahead and implement these
strategies to create your own $500 a week income from affiliate

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