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Top 3 Digital Marketing Strategies Deployed by Online Casinos

Top 3 Digital Marketing Strategies Deployed by Online Casinos

The iGaming market is highly competitive, with hundreds of online casinos available to global players. While the number of licensed casinos is less in the UK, it doesn’t mean the market is any less competitive. So how, you might wonder, do online casinos thrive in this environment? The answer I came to is effective marketing strategies.

The Rise of the iGaming Industry

Let’s discuss the overall industry before looking at gambling companies’ marketing strategies. The iGaming market is one of this decade’s fastest-growing industries.

Various factors contribute to its growth:

Recent Growth in the UK

In the UK, experts predict that the iGaming market’s revenue will reach $13.78 billion (£10.82 billion). UK’s Gross Gambling Yield (GGY) for remote casinos, betting, and bingo reached £6.5 billion. 

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This figure is a 13.3% increase of those calculated between April 2019 and March 2020. It also shows a 2.8% rise from April 2021 to March 2022. This increase in online gambling activity in the UK is vastly due to convenience and accessibility. 

However, that’s not the only contributing factor. Part of it can also be attributed to exceptional marketing.

Three Strategies that Boost Online Casinos Visibility

While online casinos use many marketing strategies, I find that three stand out above the rest.

  1. Bonus and Promotions
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Bonuses are an online casino’s most effective marketing strategy. It’s what initially catches players’ attention and keeps them returning to the site. In my experience, most casinos will list a welcome offer, reload bonuses, a loyalty program, and regular promotions.

A generous welcome offer is guaranteed to catch the attention of UK players. It can range from a deposit bonus, typically a 100% bonus, to free spins on specific games. Some casino operators go the extra mile and offer a no-deposit bonus. Others capitalize on players’ wants and offer a no-wagering bonus.

Further, when registering at a casino, you provide your email, which they then use to keep players updated on the latest promotions. In my experience, it’s also the best way to give players limited-time promo codes for no-deposit offers. In this way, they ensure players remain loyal to the casino.

  1.  Social Media Advertising

Like many other businesses, casino operators realized that social media is the future of marketing. When looking at who plays at casinos, 35.6% of them are between 45 and 54 years old. However, in 2023, 31.1% were 35 to 44-year-olds, and 23.8% were 25 to 34-year-olds.

This audience is the age group that started using social media and is an adequate market for social media campaigns. For the elder groups, Facebook is a platform they still regularly use despite falling out of favour with younger adults. 

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Meanwhile, casino operators have been moving to TikTok, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, and YouTube to market the brand to younger adults under 40. Managing multiple social media accounts also provides increased visibility and engagement. As such, it allows casinos to expand their target audience.

  1. Using Current Trends

Casino operators are quick on the uptake and often leverage the market’s current trends. Examples would be introducing cryptocurrencies and the gamification of sites once people start paying attention to them.

Some operators are even looking into VR (virtual reality) technology, though it hasn’t yet become mainstream. Other innovations like improved live dealer game options, game-like loyalty programs, and heightened security software ensure the industry remains relevant.

Crypto’s introduction into online casinos grabbed the attention of young adults and crypto investors. It also broadcasts the image of casinos as adaptable, anonymous, and secure platforms, which makes their market more appealing.

Other Marketing Strategies

By 2024, experts predict that the global iGaming market will reach $107.3 billion (£84.23 billion) in revenue. They further predict a 6.51% annual growth rate between 2024 and 2028. While the three strategies above influence online casinos’ growth, the operators also use the following strategies to increase their visibility:

  • Search Engine Optimisation: Optimise the website with relevant keywords. An optimal website will rank higher on search engines.
  • Affiliate Technique: Have affiliate sites and partners market the site on their digital platforms.
  • Innovative Marketing: Partner with Twitch and YouTube streamers. These ambassadors stream themselves live while playing on the site.
  • Email Campaigns: Send a monthly newsletter. It includes recent news and the latest promotions.
  • Loyalty Programs: Reward loyal customers. Rewards include higher cashback, exclusive bonuses, faster payouts, and other rewards.
  • Pay-per-click Advertisements: Market the casino on relevant websites by adding pay-per-click ads. These ads will take the interested party directly to your website if they click it.
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Stay On Top Of Your Marketing Presence

Multiple reasons for online casinos’ rapid growth exist. With more competition, operators have had to adapt to offer something better to players. I believe exceptional marketing is crucial in growing the industry. Further, these tactics aren’t effective solely for casinos. Any business can employ them after adjusting the topic to fit the industry.

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