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After Generating over 250,000 Leads from Facebook to WhatsApp and generating millions in Sales, Marketing Expert Reveals:


This will change the way you use whatsapp forever

Dear Business Builder,


The success of your business depends on your ability to generate high-quality targeted leads.


If you’re not getting leads, you won’t make sales and if you’re not making sales you won’t make money.


You need to keep generating leads and building a list of people that can consistently buy from you.


One of the best ways you can generate leads for your business and build a list that is very cost-effective is through WhatsApp.


However, there is a problem.


When most business owners try to generate leads on Whatsapp, they do it the absolute wrong way.


Have you ever received a message from someone telling you they got your contact from a WhatsApp group you both belong to and asking you to save their contact.


I bet you have or you even probably send it to people yourself. Lol

If you are doing this then you need to stop because it’s the worst way to get leads for your business and here is why…

The fact that someone is in a drop shipping group does not mean he is interested in dropshipping.


The person could be there to learn how the trainer conducts his training so adding them up to target as a potential customer might be a waste of time…


It is not just about getting leads.

It is about getting high-quality leads that can pay for your products and services consistently…


…and you don’t achieve this by chasing people from WhatsApp groups and begging them to save your contact.


You achieve this by strategically positioning yourself in a way that gets people attracted to you.


This is how I’ve been able to build an audience that consistently pays me on Whatsapp.

Look, making money on Whatsapp is not as hard as most gurus make it to look like.


It is just about being strategic with the numbers game.


If you have 1000 people viewing your status and you make an offer of N1000, you only need 100 people out of those 1000 views to buy your product for you to make N100k.


If you do this twice in a month, that’s N200k in your bank account. Most bankers don’t even earn that much in a month.


As simple as this may seem, you can’t achieve results like this by just filling up your Whatsapp contact with just anybody.


You need to build a HOT buyer audience that can afford to buy whatever you sell.

Introducing whatsapp sales secret

Here Is Everything You’ll Learn:

Who We Are

Founded in 2014 by industry leader Cat Howell, Eight Loop Social initially took it’s roots into the digital marketing space as a Facebook advertising agency working with ecommerce & corporate brands such as Coca-Cola, AMP Insurance, Vodafone and Midori. 

Struggling to maintain stable revenues and generate enough leads through traditional means of prospecting (cold calling, networking etc), Cat set about automating the agency’s lead generation in order to build more consistency across the agency.  Within a year Eight Loop went from a one-man band to a team of ten. Three years later, we cracked $10M in revenue.  

“It became clear that the traditional means of lead generation just weren’t going to cut it and that if I wanted more time and revenue I would need to automate my lead generation much like how I was building processes around every other part of my business.”

In 2017 Eight Loop took a pivot to start working with agencies, helping them to implement the same processes and systems developed by Cat. 

700+ agencies and freelancers later, it’s fair to say we know a thing or two about how to successfully grow an agency in today’s market.  

Commonly Asked Questions

What kind of agency will this work best for? 
We specialize primarily in digital marketing and digital advertising agencies although we’ve also built funnels for branding and web development agencies 
Would this work for a freelancer?

Yes, this strategy works for marketing freelancers as well. In fact, when Cat first applied this approach to her digital marketing business she was a freelancer  


How long does it take? 

Depending on our production schedules, you can expect to have your funnel ready within 2-3 weeks. If you are engaging us for our campaign management services your ads usually go live two weeks after beginning work. We are limited in the number of clients we can work with each month, so speak to us today to find out more about lead-in times so you don’t miss out.


What do I need to have in place for this to work for me? 
You’ll need to have a form software, calendar software and landing page software in place – we will advise you what to invest in. You must have previous experience and expertise working in whatever service you are trying to sell. 
What if I don’t know my niche, messaging or have any testimonials? 
Your initial strategy session with our team will be about uncovering your positioning. The team will work through avatars with you and find a golden nerve to position yourself around.  This piece is crucial to the entire funnel.  We then develop all the messaging for you.  If you don’t have any testimonials we will suggest other hooks to help get your funnel converting. 
Do you also run Facebook ads? 
Yes. We specialize in Facebook specifically. Your suitability for having your campaigns managed by our team will be determined in our initial strategic assessment. 
How much will it cost me? 

A funnel build starts at $8,000 depending on the type of funnel and complexity. We can discuss what type of funnel will be best suited to you during the pre-qualifying call together. You should be prepared to invest $2K in your ad spend over a one month period if you are hiring us to manage and run your ad campaigns.

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