What To Learn From Hulk Hogan’s Failed Restaurant Business

What To Learn From Hulk Hogan’s Failed Restaurant Business

Professional wrestling and a steaming hot plate of linguine aren’t two things you’d necessarily put together …

But back in 1995, that’s exactly what American legend Hulk Hogan attempted to do.

Riding high on his status in the entertainment world, Hogan decided the best way to capitalize on his fame would be to open a pasta restaurant.

And so ‘Pastamania’ was born.

On the face of it, the restaurant had everything.

It was located in the Mall of America.

(In a time when malls were still super popular, so there was a high level of foot traffic.)

It had the celebrity factor.

And there was no shortage of publicity.

So why then, was Pastamania forced to close less than 12 months later?

One reason:

No one wanted what was being offered.

Sure, on the face of it, good food and celebrity status should be enough for a successful business.

But in reality, these are added extras.

They are NOT business essentials.

So what IS the only thing you need?

A must-have offer.

The offer is everything.

You need 3 things –

  • A specific target market.
  • A bleeding neck problem.
  • An amazing, measurable outcome.

If you don’t have those, you’re fighting an uphill battle.

It’s why, in Wealth Ideas, we work with our clients to come up with offers that people simply can’t refuse.

We don’t let them get away with targeting anyone, or only niching down a little to ‘men’ or ‘women’ or ‘professionals.’

It’s why we push them to make sure there’s a TRUE bleeding neck pain point, and they’re not just targeting people who are feeling ‘unfulfilled’ or ‘stuck.’

And it’s why we spend time dialling in that outcome, so we don’t have throwaway, run-of-the-mill outcomes like ‘lose weight or ‘make more money.’

Because you can have all the celebrity factor, traffic and fame you want …

But if you don’t have the right offer, people ain’t buying!

Want us to help you dial in your offer?

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