Top 5 Knock-Out Strategies For Online Marketing Success In 2021

Top 5 Knock-Out Strategies For Online Marketing Success In 2021

When it comes to online marketing, everyone seems
to have ideas. Does it all work? Of course NO!

Promoting your fleet of sites can easily become
so cumbersome and so impossible that you
actually begin to think.. “well, I’d rather
quick before I loose it all” BUT before you do,
consider these 5 strategies.

1. Start An Affiliate Program.

Why do you think online marketers with digitally
delivered products rush to clickbank? Simply
because they have an affiliate program running
and you’ll get people ready to sell your
products in minutes after you get started!

To generate thousands of traffic and sky-rocket
your online marketing campaign, incorporate an
affiliate program. The only one thing you need
to keep in mind is to set a good commission. A
product of $100 can have a commission of about
40% BUT when you have a low priced product,
you’ve got to raise the commission payout
otherwise, people will turn the other way.

The good thing about affiliate program is that
you never get to pay until someone actually
makes a sale and it saves a lot of worries.


2. Set-Up Joint Ventures

If you are thinking of winning the online game
with a good margin, your best bet would be to
cooperate with your competitors in a win-win
way. It is called joint ventures. It works
because you will be getting personalized
referrals form your JV partners who will
actually recommend your products and services.
This has been my major marketing weapon and I
can tell you it sincerely works!

All you have to do is agree on commissions,
work out a tracking system and send out an
endorsed promotional email or online copy and
“bang’ you’ll start getting results.


3. Give Away Something Free.

Do you have anything FREE out-there? If you
don’t, then you are losing a great deal of the
results you should pull in. Create a free
package and make some noise about it. Free
stuff are contagious viral weapons that just
keep spreading over and over and will bring you
dangerous, positive results.

A word of caution. Never give out some trash!
It won’t work.

Some materials you can think of giving out
includes a free newsletter, a special report,
an ebook, a software, onlinesite templates,
articles, scripts, etc.

Just come up with something valuable.


4. Advertise In High Circulation Ezines

This is another effective way of getting an
almost instant result. You must however take
time to write a good ad to get maximum results.


5. Ad Swaps

This is actually a kind of JV but is more
definite. While the phrase “Joint Venture”
describes anything joint for mutual benefit, ad
swaps points directly at exchange of ads with
possible partners.

It is a costless method of advertising. All you
need to do is find someone interested in your
offer and exchange ads. He runs your ads and
your run his.

These five strategies will help you develop a
more profitable online marketing campaign in 2021.

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