Top 4 Ways To Promote Your Affiliate Links For Free and Generate Sales

Top 4 Ways To Promote Your Affiliate Links For Free and Generate Sales

Affiliate marketing can easily become a dead end affair especially when you don’t get enough promotionals that generate enough clicks and page views through your affiliate links.

This should however not be much of a trouble if you can explore these four easy to use affiliate link promotion methods.


==> Write Viral Articles

Begin writing articles and give out rights to webmasters, ezine publishers etc, to use it for free. Usually you have the rights to attach a resource box at the end of your article which gets published alongside your articles. Go to, shorten your affiliate link and insert it in this resource box.

Each time your article gets published online, the link gets published with it.


==> Create Viral Reports & Ebooks

Give out a full-sized ebook or special report well written about a specific topic and give it away for free. In addition to giving it out for free, give people permission to redistribute the ebook/report, or even give out reprint rights to the ebook. When done, give out the ebook at forums, ebook directories etc

Ooops! Don’t forget to insert your affiliate links within the ebook/report before you start giving it out for free.


==> Blog & Forum Comments

Another quick and efficient way to promote your affiliate links is simply to visit forums and blogs that have huge traffic and start replying to posts or make comments. Attached to all posts and comments you make is your signature file which of course is a self-promotion. Insert your affiliate links here.


==> Start A Blog

Blogs are not difficult to begin and when you stick to publishing good, regular content on your blog, you can quickly generate traffic. To quickly drive traffic, submit your blog to search engines, purchase ezine ads, write a press release and send it to etc.

Once the traffic begins to find its way to your blog, plaster it with your affiliate links and watch how the clicks and sales will start to pour in.


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